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3 in 1 Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


  • 3 technologies: IPL + Nd: YAG laser + RF.

  • 6 IPL functions

  • 3 laser wavelengths

How it works

This picosecond laser tattoo removal machine combines 3 technologies( IPL, Nd: YAG laser, RF). IPL can enter and heat the hair follicle, causing damage to the hair root and nutrients. then deprives the hair-producing ability without damaging the surrounding tissue.


At the same time, sapphire dynamic cooling ensures the epidermis will not be hurt, resulting rapid, painless and permanent hair removal. Another technology is Nd:YAG laser. Different wavelengths can solve different problems besides tattoo removal. The 532nm laser can remove red and brown pigmentation. The 1064nm laser is for black and blue pigmentation. 1320nm laser, used in combination with toner to whiten skin, shrink pores and fade spots.

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  • Hair removal

  • Acne removal

  • Tattoo removal

  • Freckle removal

  • Wrinkle removal

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Main Features

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IPL Handle

The IPL handle has three filters optional. The fasinable disign will make you look more professisonal.

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RF Handle

There are three different sizes(22mm, 30mm, and 36mm) RF probes you can choose according to your customers’ needs. They can be used for eye, face and neck lifting.

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Laser Handle

This machine includes three laser probes. They can be used for skin brightening, wrinkle removal, tattoo removal and hair removal, etc.

Machine Structure

tattoo pigment removal machine en100

Machine Parameter

Model number EN100
Technology IPL,Nd: YAG laser,RF
Screen 10.4-inch touch screen
Cooling system Water cooling + air cooling + semiconductor cooling
Water flow detection Yes
Water temp detection Yes
High pressure detection Yes
Total power 2600W
Packing size 63*55*76cm
Gross weight 50kg
IPL parameter
Handle quantity 1pc
Filter quantity 3pcs (480nm,530nm,640nm)
Spot size 10*40mm
Spectral range 480-1200nm, 530-1200nm, 640-1200nm
Cooling range Gear 1-5
Energy output 1-50J/cm2
Pulse number 1-5
Luminous delay 1-5s
Pulse width 1-10ms
Pulse interval 1-99ms
Luminous frequency 1-10HZ
Laser parameter
Handle quantity 1pc
Treatment tips 3pcs (532nm,1064nm,carbon tip)
Wavelength 532nm,1064nm,1320nm
Pulse width 10ns
Energy output 100-1200mJ
Frequency 1-10Hz
Spot diameter 1-8mm
Far infrared aiming light Yes
RF parameter
Handle quantity 1pc
Probe quantity 3pcs
Frequency 5Mhz
Probe size 22mm,30mm,36mm
Energy 1-20

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