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360° 532nm Green Laser Beauty 10D Maxlipo Slimming Machine


  • 532nm Low-level green laser therapy

  • 360° laser light scanning

  • Effective, noninvasive and no downtime

  • 12.1-inch touch screen

How it works

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) involves the application of ten 532nm green laser beads, and the laser can specifically target the subcutaneous fat layer. This process induces temporary damage to the cell membranes of adipocytes. Consequently, the fat stored within these cells is released into the interstitial space and subsequently metabolized by the body’s lymphatic system. This overall mechanism leads to a reduction in the volume of fat cells, resulting in a slimming and shaping effect.

JF828B laser slim10


  • Remove double chin

  • Remove bat wings

  • Reduce back fat

  • Remove love handles

  • Remove fat elephant legs

  • Promote lymphatic drainage

JF823 fat freezing13
JF823 fat freezing12

Main Features

JF828B laser slim9

10 Laser Lamps of 532nm Green Light

L1-L5 and R1-R5 to choose from depending on different treatment areas, and the green light of a low-level laser is effective for body slimming.

JF828B laser slim8

Lifting Brasket with 360° Laser Light Scanning

360°  laser light scanning offers an all-round treatment without dead ends.

JF828B laser slim7

12.1-inch Touch Screen

User-friendly interface, and it is clear and easy to operate.

Machine Parameter

Model Number JF828B
Technology Low-level laser therapy
Laser Wavelength 532nm
Treatment Area About 30mm*800mm
Mode Continuous; Pulse
Energy Output 1-200mW(Continuous); 1-300mW(Pulse)
Intensity 3 levels
Rotation Speed 3 levels
Screen 12.1-inch Touch Screen
Fuse 5A
Power 800W
Cooling System Air cooled
Package Size 117*59*60cm
Package Weight 58kg

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