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360 Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Slimming Machine


  • Two handles working simultaneously

  • 3 cryo handles with 8 size heads

  • 360° cooling design

  • Body +facial RF

  • Advanced cooling system

How it works

1.The cryo handle of 360 cryolipolysis machine can target and cool the fat cells without damage the other tissues. It is because the fat cells are easier to be broken under a low temperature;


2.This machine has 6pcs of lipolaser pads to dissolve fat by using the unique laser wavelength;


3.40K cavitation probe adopts sound wave vibration cause the fat cells to be exploded instantaneously;


4.RF can penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue and heats up the target area. In this way, it will regenerate and reconstruct the skin. Result in, enhance the skin elasticity and tightening the skin.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 5


  • Cellulite removal

  • Localized fat removal

  • Lymph drainaged

  • Body slimming

  • Reshape body line

  • Skin tightening

  • Pain relief

  • Improve blood circulation

cryo slimming before and after 2
cryo slimming before and after 1

Main Features

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 6

Large cryo handle

The large 360°all-dimension surrounding cooling applicators use on legs and belly to remove stubborn fat.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 8

Small cryo handle

The small 360°all-dimension surrounding cooling handle use on arms and legs to remove stubborn fat.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 7

Mini cryo handle

The mini handle is to remove stubborn fat, especially remove double chin. It is for small bulges, hard-to-reach areas.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 9

40K cavitation handle

The cavitation handle is for arms, legs, shoulders, belly, back, etc.

To achieve fat reduction, consume calories, and fat cell explosion.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 10

Body RF handle

It is use on the body area such as arms, legs, shoulders, belly, back, etc. The RF probe can tighten and firm skin, reduce local fat.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 11

Facial RF handle

It helps tightens skin, and enhances skin elasticity. Also, dissolves fat, detoxifies lymph.

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 12

Lipo Laser

Lipo laser is to Reduce fat, tighten the skin. It can use on Arms, legs, abdomen, belly, back, waist, etc.

Machine Structure

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 1

Machine Parameter

Model number JF549
Technology Fat freezing +RF + Cavitation+Lipolaser
Handles 6probes + 6pcs of lipolaser pads
Lipolaser pads 4 big pads+2 small pads
Cryo Quantity 3 pcs (Large/Small/mini)
Cryo Cooling -10 °C~10°
Cavitation frequency 40Khz
Voltage AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Power 600W
RF Frequency 5Mhz
Lipo laser  wavelength 650nm
Pressure output 0-90Kpa
Touch screen 10.4 inch
Package size 56*46*70cm
Net weight 30KG
Gross weight 34KG

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