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5 in 1 V9 Vacuum Roller Massage Vela Body Shape Machine


  • 40k cavitation+vacuum roller+vacuum RF

  • Body slimming+skin tightening

  • Non-invasive and effective

  • Wide application: eye-around area+face+neck+arms+waist+back+legs

How it works

This V9 Vela Body Shape machine is a non-invasive body contouring treatment designed for circumferential and cellulite reduction. It combines the technologies of radio frequency (RF), vacuum, infrared light, 40K cavitation, and mechanical rollers. By combining these technologies, this V9 body shape machine encourages the reduction of fat cell volume, an increase in collagen production, improved lymphatic drainage, and enhanced circulation. The result is a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, enhanced skin texture, and a more contoured and toned body shape.

JF765 ultrasound cavitation principle


  • Skin firming& tightening

  • Enhance skin elasticity

  • Double chin removal

  • Body shaping& slimming

  • Body massage& muscle release

  • Promote lymphatic detoxification

JF823 fat freezing13
JF823 fat freezing12

Main Features

JF259 v9 vela body shape6

Large Vacuum Roller

Treatment area: Belly, back, thigh, and buttocks

Main functions: Reduce stubborn local fat, body massage, and promote lymphatic drainage.

JF259 v9 vela body shape7

Small Vacuum Roller

Treatment area: Arms, abdomen, and calfs.

Main functions: Cellulite reduction and lymphatic detoxification promotion.

JF259 v9 vela body shape9

Vacuum Face Handle

Treatment area: Chin and face

Main functions: Double chin removal, face lifting and tightening.

JF259 v9 vela body shape10

Vacuum Eye Handle

Treatment area: Eye-around area

Main functions: Skin tightening and lifting, wrinkle reducing, and eye pouch smoothing.

JF259 v9 vela body shape8

40K Cavitation Handle

Treatment area: Abdomen, thigh, back, etc.

Main functions: Reduce stubborn local fat and shape the body.

Machine Parameter

Model number JF259
Technology RF+vacuum+roller+infrared light+40k cavitation
Handle quantity 5PCS
Roller speed 50r/min
Power 1000W
Input voltage AC220V,50HZ/ AC110V,60HZ
Display 10.4-inch touch screen
Package size 64*64*64CM
Package weight 39KG
Large vacuum roller handle
Vacuum pressure 0-100(KPA)
Infrared light wavelength 700nm
Green light wavelength 560nm
Blue light wavelength 490nm
Roller speed 59r/min
RF energy 30W
RF frequency 5MHZ
Small vacuum roller handle
Vacuum pressure 0-100(KPA)
RF energy 20W
Roller speed 30r/min
RF frequency 5MHZ
Infrared light wavelength 700nm
Vacuum face handle
Vacuum pressure 0-100(KPA)
RF frequency 5MHZ
Infrared light wavelength 700nm
Vacuum eye handle
Vacuum pressure 0-100(KPA)
RF frequency 5MHZ
Infrared light wavelength 700nm
40KHZ cavitation handle
Cavitation frequency 40KHZ

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