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6 in 1 80K Cavitation Vacuum RF Lipo Laser Slimming Machine


  • 80Khz cavitation

  • 9 optional languages

  • Heating RF handle

  • Automatic frequency adjustment

How it works

This 80K RF laser slimming machine applies 5 technologies, including 80K Cavitation, vacuum RF, multi-pole RF, and lipo laser. Cavitation occurs when the ultrasound waves cause the formation and implosion of tiny bubbles in the liquid surrounding the fat cells, making them break apart. It can be effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite, toning and firming the skin, and reducing the circumference of treated areas.

It can be used in targeted treatment areas—typically the upper arms, belly, love handles, thighs, or chin. With vacuum RF and multi-pole RF, it can break down the fat cells and do the body massage. While the lipo laser uses low-level laser energy to target and break fat cells, achieving the purpose of body shaping and slimming.

JF776 80Kcavitation11


  • Body slimming& shaping

  • Skin lifting& firming

  • Reduce wrinkles & Remove dark circles

  • Relax muscle & Relieve fatigue

  • Lymphatic detox & Body massage

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Main Features

JF776 80Kcavitation9 1

80K cavitation handle

Treatment areas: Arms, legs, abdomen, belly, back, waist, etc.

Functions: Accelerate fat burning, shape good body figure.

JF776 80Kcavitation5

Tri-pole RF handle

Treatment areas: Face, especially skin around eyes, nose and mouth

Functions: Reduce crow’s feet, dark circles, under-eye bags, lift skin.

JF776 80Kcavitation6

Quadru-pole RF handle

Treatment areas: Face, neck

Functions: Lift and firm skin, reduce facial wrinkles and neck lines, increase skin elasticity.

JF776 80Kcavitation7

Sextu-pole RF handle

Treatment areas: Arms, legs, abdomen, belly, back, waist, etc.

Functions: Reduce local fat, tighten and firm skin.

JF776 80Kcavitation8 1

Vacuum RF handle

Treatment areas: Arms, legs, abdomen, belly, back, waist, etc.

Functions: Reduce local fat, improve blood circulation and lymphatic detox, relieve muscle fatigue,firm skin, increase

JF776 80Kcavitation10 1

Lipo laser plates

Treatment areas: (S)Arms

(L)legs, abdomen, belly, back, waist, etc.

Functions: Reduce fat.

Machine Structure

JF776 80K Cavitation

JF776 80K Cavitation2

Machine Parameter

Product name 6 in 1 80K Cavitation Vacuum RF Lipo Laser Slimming Machine
Model number JF776
Technology 80K Cavitation, vacuum RF, multi-pole RF, lipo laser
Handle quantity 5pcs
Lipo laser plates 8pcs (6 big ones + 2 small ones)
Type Plug-in
Voltage DC24V 5A
RF frequency 1MHz
Current 5A ( 50Hz/ 60Hz)
Cavitation frequency 80K
Package size 42*35.5*28CM
Package weight 6.2KG

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