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9-Color LED Light Therapy M9 with Hot and Cold Nano Spray


  • 9-color spectrum technology

  • 6 LED light therapy

  • NIR light for hair growth

  • UV + Calcium supplement light

  • Thermal nano spray moisturizing

  • Nano cold spray photorejuvenation

How it work

This PDT machine applies 6 LED lights with different wavelengths of 423-640nm, NIR light, UV light, and Calcium supplement light to solve multiple skin problems. Especially the NIR light can stimulate hair growth. Meanwhile, the cold nano spray release ultra-fine mist for skin moisturizing and hydrating, and company with hot nano spray, which can accelerate the microcirculation of the skin, replenish water, and deep clean your skin.

LB484 LED light 6


  • Whiten& tighten skin

  • Skin calming

  • Skin moisturizing

  • Acne removal

  • Hair growth promotion

  • Pore shrinking

led before and after 5
led before and after 4

Main Features

LB484 LED light 7

9-Color Spectrum Technology

6 LED light therapy+ NIR light+ UV + Calcium supplement light for a comprehensive facial skin care treatment.

LB484 LED light 8

NIR Light for Hair Growth

It applies near-infrared (NIRLED light to stimulate the re-growth of hair follicles.

LB484 LED light 4

Hot and Cold Nano Spray

Authentic hot Nano spray to open pores, promote blood circulation, and deeply moisturize the skin. While cold Nano spray releases ultra-fine mist for skin moisturizing and hydrating.

Machine Structure

LB484 9 color LED

Machine Parameter

Model number LB484
Technology LED light therapy+Cold & Thermal nano spray+NIR+UV +Calcium supplement light
LED light Red, Orange, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple
Voltage 110-220V
Spectrum 9 colors
Thermal spray temperature 40-50℃
LED lamp beads quantity 268 units
Color White/Green/Purple
Material ABS
Power 150W
Product size 65*45*52cm
NW 8kg

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