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Emslim Muscle Sculpting Machine


  • Fat reducing + muscle toning

  • Non-invasive, no pain, no sweat, no side effect

  • Independent RF & Emslim intensity adjustment

How it works

The emslim machine’s High-energy focused electromagnetic waves continuously and fully expand and contract muscles, perform extreme training, remodel the internal structure of muscles, generate new protein chains and muscle fibers, and train and increase muscle density and volume with high fatty acid concentrations while causing fat cell apoptosis, resulting in muscle building and fat loss. RF evenly heats the treatment area, and then the subcutaneous fat quickly reaches the treatment temperature to achieve skin firming and fat dissolution. The Ems body slimming machine combines these two technologies to better achieve weight loss and muscle building for customers. If you lie with this machine for 30 minutes, it will equal a 5.5-hour workout. It is non-invasive and has no side effects.

Muscle Sculpting machine GN253


  • Reduce fat

  • Tighten skin

  • Tone muscles

  • Firm abs

  • Lift buttocks

  • Slim arms & legs

  • Postpartum body reshaping & care

body sculpting machine before and after 2
body sculpting machine before and after 1

Main Features

Muscle Sculpting machine GN253 1


It is a slight and small desktop machine. It means that it costs less to ship and is convenient for commercial or home use.

ems slimming machine GN069 12

Muscle and fat reduction

Use this slimming machine for 30-minute abdomen treatments equal to 20,000 sit-ups. It can help you save time to achieve fat reduction and muscle toning.

Machine Structure

GN253 ems slim

Machine Parameter

Model Number GN253
Handle Quantity 1 pcs
Magnetic vibration intensity 7 tesla
Package Size 45x35x30cm
Gross Weight 9.4kg

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