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Far Infrared EMS Stimulation Air Pressure Massage Slimming Machine


  • Air pressure therapy+ Infrared heating+ EMS

  • 8 optional languages

  • 20 pieces of air bags

  • 8 pairs of EMS pads

How it works

Pressotherapy: Applying air pressure to various body areas can aid in lymphatic drainage. It efficiently stimulates the lymphatic system to enhance blood circulation and lymphatic cleansing, lessen edema and fat, relax muscles, and relieve fatigue by alternating between compression and decompression.
Infrared heating: Through deep skin penetration, infrared heating produces heat that speeds up cell metabolism and blood circulation while consuming a significant amount of ATP to burn fat.
EMS pads: Boost metabolism and detoxification, speed up ATP synthesis, stimulate biological electric current, and dredge meridians to aid in fat loss.

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  • Weight loss&Body shaping

  • Muscle relaxing

  • Relieve fatigue& pain

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Promote lymphatic detox

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Main Features

JF782B pressotherapy10

8 Optional Languages

Language options enhance accessibility and usability, making it a versatile choice for users around the world.

JF782B pressotherapy12

20 pieces of air bags+ 8 pairs of EMS pads

It is convenient to treat the whole body. 3 technologies of air pressure therapy, infrared heating, and EMS combined to be effective for body shaping and promote metabolism and detox

Machine Structure

JF782B pressotherapy8

Machine Parameter

Model number JF782B
Technology Pressotherapy +Infrared+EMS
Pressure intensity 10 gears
Temperature setting ≤80℃ (default 35℃ when power on)
Air flow rate 60L/min
Inflate modes 5 levels
Voltage 110V-240V, 50/60HZ
Power 400W
Package size 55*45*56cm
G.W 22kg

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