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Portable Home Use Plasma Spot Mole Removal Pen


  • 3 adjustable energy levels

  • 3 available needles

  • No bleeding

  • Safe and no scar left


  • Remove mole

  • Remove fleshy nevus

  • Remove spot

  • Remove wart

  • Remove naevus

SC386B mole removal
SC386D spot removal

Main Features

SC386D mole remova11

3 replaceable needles

Safer and more effective without the risk of infection for removing spots, mole, and wart, etc.

SC386B mole removal8

3 adjustable levels

It can adjust the intensity level according to different individual needs

SC386B mole removal7 1

No bleeding

It can avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk

Machine Structure

SC386D plasma mole remove

Machine Parameter

Product name Portable Home Use Plasma Spot Mole Removal Pen
Product type SC386D
Technology Plasma
Environment temperature 0-40℃
Relative humidity 45%-77%
Atmospheric pressure 70kPa-106kPa
Adapter power AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Single frequency 1.1MHz±0.3MHz
Maximum output power no less than 10W
Product Size 19*7*7cm
Net weight 0.25kg

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