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  • Wholesale price cryotherapy fat removal machine JF704 3
  • Wholesale price cryotherapy fat removal machine JF704 1
  • JF704 fat freezing3
  • JF704 fat freezing4
  • JF704 fat freezing5

Spa Use Cool System Cyrolipolysis Slimming Machine


  • 37℃-45℃ heating

  • 11℃-0℃ freezing

  • 360° cooling

  • 6 different probes available

  • 5 vacuum levels

How it works

This cyrolipolysis slimming machine combines three technology, that is cryolipolysis, heating and vacuum. Cryolipolysis is not a surgery, it is non-invasive and designed to remove stubborn fat from certain parts of the body. The device holds the body part you want to target between two probes. The probe will cool down quickly after starting. Freezing fat at temperatures between 0°C and -11°C, fat cells will be pinpointed and turned into solids. The fat cells are then eliminated from the body through metabolism without harming surrounding tissues, thereby effectively reducing excess fat in specific areas of the body. When using the machine, you need to place the probe on the area that the patient needs to treat for about 35-45 minutes. The treatment process will destroy about 20-25% of the fat cells in the targeted area.

2 In 1 cryolipolysis slimming machine JF722 8


  • Local fat & cellulite reducing

  • Body slimming & shaping

  • Lymphatic drainage & detox

  • Skin sedation & rejuvenation

  • Promoting metabolism & blood circulation

cryo slimming before and after 2
cryo slimming before and after 1

Main Features

Wholesale price cryotherapy fat removal machine JF704 1

Vertical design

The vertical design is suitable for commercial use since it will make you look more professional.

JF704 fat freezing7

6 different probes are available

Different sizes of probes could help you use for precise treatment on different parts of the body.

Machine Structure

JF704 fat freezing

Machine Parameter

Model number JF704
Handle quantity 2pcs
Input voltage AC110V / 220V
Output power 1000W
Cooling 1-5 gears (-11℃-0℃)
Heating 0-4 gears (37℃-45℃)
Vacuum suction 1-5 gears (10-50kPa)
Setting time 1-99min (default 60min)
Fuse 15A
Screen size 15.6 inches
Product size 45*50*107cm
Package size 53*67*118.3cm
NW 48.5kg
GW 67.5kg

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