• lymphatic drainage slimming machine JF320

Vertical Lympha Machine for Weight Loss


  • Far Infrared + Air Pressure + EMS

  • 20 pieces of air bags

  • Body slimming, pain alleviation,fatigue relieving

  • Adjustable time of inflation and deflation


  • Body slimming

  • Skin tightening

  • Pain relief

  • Lymphatic detox

Main Features


Far infrared

It can increase the basic metabolic rate, which is an effective and natural method to lose weight.


Air pressure

It has the function of promoting lymphatic detox, revitalization, and oxygenation of tissues to tone muscle, reduce fat, relieve pain, and swelling.



EMS can enhance skin cell vitality and accelerate metabolism, resulting in body slimming and skin tightening.

Machine Parameter

Model Number JF320
Infrared Temperature 0-65
Air Bag 20pcs
Package Size 10.3×50.5×45.5cm

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