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What is 808nm Diode Laser for Hair Removal?

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The 808nm diode laser technology is a game-changer in the world of beauty and skincare, all thanks to its solid science and real-world results. This laser was picked for a very cool reason: it’s great at going deep into the skin while also being super effective at targeting the melanin in hair follicles. When we stack it up against others, like the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, the 808nm laser is a clear winner. How so? Well, it can slash hair regrowth by up to 75% after just three goes, which is way ahead of the IPL’s 50% under the same circumstances. Plus, it’s designed to be kind to the skin around the target area, making it a good fit for many different skin types.

In one big study with over 500 people with all kinds of skin, 90% of them said they had little to no side effects, proving just how pinpoint accurate this laser can be. A survey from a top laser company found that 94% of their customers who tried the 808nm diode laser treatments were either happy or super happy with what they got. Looking ahead, experts think this market will grow by 11% every year for the next five years, putting the 808nm diode laser right at the heart of the preferred ways to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s making a big splash, driving new trends and research in the industry.

What is 808nm Diode Laser?

The 808nm diode laser is a cutting-edge, powerful tool made specifically for getting rid of unwanted hair. It uses a special wavelength that’s excellent at going deep into the skin to directly hit the hair follicles during laser hair removal treatment. This special feature makes it super good at cutting down on unwanted hair growth. How? It sends out a strong beam of light energy that the melanin in your hair picks up. This light then turns into heat and targets the hair follicles, greatly lowering the chance of hair coming back in that spot while keeping the skin around it safe and sound.

The 808nm diode laser is a big hit for all the right reasons. It zaps hair follicles deep down using its special wavelength. This means it knocks out unwanted hair safely and for good, making it a go-to choice if you’re after a lasting fix. It’s really spot-on and gentle, so not only do you get rid of hair effectively, but it’s also a breeze for clients. Plus, this laser’s built for speed. It lets you cover big areas fast thanks to its strong power and chunky spot sizes that go from 9mm to 18mm. Because of this, the laser beams more widely, streamlining the whole process.

Thanks to recent tech upgrades, there’s now cooling tech right at the handpiece’s tip, making treatments even more comfortable for patients. With its versatility and specific design to tackle hair removal head-on, the 808nm diode laser holds a top spot in the laser hair removal world, suitable for a wide variety of skin types and hair removal needs.

The Science Behind 808nm Diode Laser

diode laser hair removal

The 808nm diode laser is all about zapping away unwelcome hair with some pretty nifty tech. It’s all thanks to something called selective photothermolysis. This fancy term just means it zeroes in on hair follicles with laser precision. What it does is aim directly at the melanin—the dark stuff in your hair and its roots—while making sure the skin around it doesn’t get hurt. The 808nm part? That’s the wavelength of the laser, which sits in the near-infrared part of the light spectrum. It’s a pro at absorbing melanin, meaning the laser’s energy hits right where we want it: the hair follicle. This ups the chances of nixing hair for good, all while keeping your skin out of harm’s way during the treatment.

One of the standout features of the 808nm diode laser is its adaptability. Thanks to adjustable pulse widths, it caters well to various hair and skin types without causing a fuss. This adaptability allows it to target and toast hair follicles in a broad range of folks, leading to lasting hair loss. Plus, its high w peak power ensures that every session is super effective, helping you see quicker results with fewer appointments. With its robust and steady output, backed by an optimized single mode laser diode, the 808nm diode laser is recognized as a forward-thinking and dependable option for those looking to ditch unwanted hair and embrace silky smooth skin.

Benefits of 808nm Diode Laser

808nm diode laser hair removal machine

The 808nm diode laser packs a punch with several awesome advantages in the hair removal game:

  • Long-lasting Hair Reduction: Research shows that folks can look forward to a whopping 70-80% drop in hair regrowth after getting treated with the 808nm diode laser a few times. This isn’t just a quick fix like shaving or waxing, which only deals with hair on the surface. The diode laser goes deep, targeting the hair at its root. For example, one study in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment highlighted a major decrease in hair after just six sessions within a year.
  • Works on All Skin Types: Thanks to how it absorbs and gets under the skin, the 808nm wavelength is a champ at handling various skin types, even those that are typically tougher to treat due to their darker pigmentation. A specific study in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery showcased its ability to safely remove hair across the board—from the lightest to the darkest skin tones—without much risk of changing the skin’s pigment.
  • Comfort During Treatment: What’s a real game-changer with the 808nm diode laser is its cooling feature, making treatments way more comfortable. This is something you might not find with older laser methods.
  • Quick Sessions for Big Areas: Need to tackle a large area? No problem. The 808nm diode laser’s high power and big spot size mean you can cover areas like the back in about 20 minutes instead of the usual hour, all without losing any effectiveness.

With these benefits, it’s clear the 808nm diode laser is a winning choice for anyone looking for a safe, comfy, and efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair for good. Whether you’re a client or a practitioner, this technology promises great results that last.

Effectiveness on Different Skin Types

808 nm diode laser

The 808nm diode laser is a real crowd-pleaser when it comes to laser hair removal, thanks to its ability to tackle a wide range of skin types. Let’s dive into how it holds up against the Fitzpatrick skin types scale:

  • For Those with Light Skin (Fitzpatrick Types I-II): If you’ve got lighter skin, you’re in luck. The 808nm diode laser works wonders because the low melanin in your skin means the laser can focus all its energy right on the hair, without worrying about the surrounding skin. This direct hit makes it super effective at weakening hair follicles, all while keeping the risk of irritation or damage low after your session.
  • For the Medium Skin Crew (Fitzpatrick Types III-IV): Medium skin tones can be tricky since they have more melanin, which might accidentally soak up some of the laser energy meant for the hair. But, the 808nm laser cuts through this challenge by reaching deep to target hair follicles precisely. Its adjustable settings help tailor the treatment perfectly to medium skin, reducing the chance of issues like becoming darker or lighter in certain spots.
  • For Those with Darker Skin (Fitzpatrick Types V-VI): In the past, folks with darker skin faced more risks with laser hair removal, such as burns or changes in skin color, because of the high melanin content. Enter the 808nm diode laser, a game-changer with its knack for going deep and zeroing in on hair follicles while keeping the surrounding skin safe. It does this by minimizing how much melanin in the skin absorbs the laser, focusing the heat right in the follicle to lower the chances of any oops moments.

In all these cases, the 808nm diode laser proves its worth and versatility, backed by studies showing its effectiveness and safety for a spectrum of skin colors. For instance, research in the Dermatologic Surgery journal noted significant hair reduction with hardly any side effects in darker-skinned individuals after using this laser. This evidence cements the 808nm diode laser’s status as a go-to, inclusive option for folks wanting laser hair removal, thanks to its reliable and extensive stable laser output with the optimized diode laser.

Comparing 808nm Diode Laser with Other Hair Removal Technologies

Feature808nmDiode LaserIPLElectrolysis
PrecisionHigh – Targets hair follicles directly with minimal impact on surrounding tissue.Moderate – Less targeted, with a broader light spectrum affecting surrounding skin.High – Targets individual follicles, but lacks the ability to treat larger areas efficiently.
Skin Type SuitabilityWide range – Effective on Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI with adjustable settings.Limited – Best results on lighter skin (types I-III) and dark hair, higher risk for darker skin.Universal – Although effective on all skin types, it poses a higher risk of discomfort and skin irritation.
Pain LevelLower – Integrated cooling systems enhance comfort during treatment.Higher – Can be uncomfortable, especially without cooling features.Highest – Often described as painful due to the invasive nature of treatment.
Efficiency in Treating Large AreasHigh – Large spot size allows for quick treatment of areas like the back or legs.Moderate – Can treat large areas but might require more sessions for equivalent results.Low – Very time-consuming for large areas as each hair follicle is treated individually.
Risk of Skin DamageLower – Precision and cooling features reduce risks of burns and pigmentation changes.Higher – Broad spectrum light increases risks of skin damage, particularly in darker skin.Variable – Risk of scarring and skin damage if not performed correctly.
Long-Term ResultsHigh – Offers permanent hair reduction with fewer sessions.Moderate – Requires more sessions and regular maintenance.Permanent – Although results are permanent, the process is significantly slower and more painful.

Long-Term Results and Effectiveness

How Long the Results Last: How permanent the hair removal turns out can differ from one person to another, depending on things like hair color, skin type, and how hair naturally grows. Still, most folks see a big drop in hair coming back. Research shows that after finishing all your sessions, usually about 5 to 7 times, you might see as much as an 80% reduction in hair. And the good news is, this isn’t just a short-term fix. A lot of people notice these smooth and optimal results stick around for at least a year or even longer, really showing off how great the 808nm laser is at keeping hair away for the long haul.

Keeping Things Smooth: Keeping that hair-free look with the 808nm diode laser treatment might mean you need a little upkeep, but not nearly as often as with other hair removal ways. Sometimes, hair that wasn’t active during your treatments can wake up and grow due to changes in your body or other reasons. If this happens, popping in for a quick maintenance session every now and then can keep your skin looking its best. These follow-up visits are pretty spaced out, with many folks only needing to come back once a year or every other year to tackle any new hairs that decide to show up.

Will It Hurt During Treatment?

808nm diode laser

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, a big worry for many is how much it’s going to hurt. The good news with the 808nm diode laser hair removal is that it’s generally seen as way comfier than other methods out there, like waxing or using an electrolysis device. What makes it a more comfortable treatment on the skin is its built-in cooling tech that helps keep the heat down, so all you feel is a bit like a quick, warm flick or the snap of a rubber band against your skin—it all depends on how much discomfort you can handle.

Lots of places that offer this treatment really go the extra mile to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, bringing in even more cooling effects or ways to soothe the skin while they work. It’s important to remember that how it feels can change depending on where on your body you’re getting treated and your own personal pain limit. But, most people say the discomfort is totally manageable and actually a lot less than what they were expecting, which is a big plus for those of us not too keen on the idea of pain for beauty.


How many sessions are needed for effective hair removal with the 808nm diode laser?

Figuring out how many times you’ll need to get zapped by the 808nm diode laser to say goodbye to unwanted hair depends a lot on you—like the type of hair you’ve got, what your skin’s like, and how dense your hair is. Here’s the lowdown:

  • If You Have Light Skin and Dark Hair: You’re looking at maybe 5 to 6 sessions. The big difference in color between your hair and skin makes it easier for the laser to do its thing.
  • For Medium Skin with Dark or Medium Hair: You’ll likely need about 6 to 7 sessions. The laser settings need to be just right to target your hair effectively without bothering your skin too much.
  • And for Darker Skin with Dark Hair: Since there’s a lot of melanin in both your skin and hair, plan on 7 to 8 sessions to get the best results.
  • Got Fine or Light-Colored Hair? This type can be tricky for lasers to catch, so you might need a few extra sessions compared to what’s typical.

Keep in mind, stuff like your body’s hormonal balance can also affect how your hair grows, so it’s super important to customize your treatment plan. That way, you get the most bang for your buck with the 808nm diode laser.

Can the 808nm diode laser be used for facial hair removal?

You bet! The 808nm diode laser is a fantastic pick for zapping away facial hair thanks to its precision and effectiveness. Our facial skin is quite delicate, so it’s crucial to use a method that’s both gentle and adept at targeting even the thinnest of hairs—without causing irritation or damage to the surrounding skin. The 808nm diode laser does just that, making it a favorite for anyone looking to reduce pesky facial hair. It’s particularly awesome because it zeroes in on the hair follicles carefully while helping your skin stay healthy and glowing.

For those pondering facial hair removal, you can expect a treatment plan custom-fit to your skin’s sensitive nature. This might include using some extra cooling techniques or adjusting the laser’s settings slightly to ensure you’re as comfy as possible. The number of sessions you’ll need can vary, depending on your hair’s growth cycle and volume, but many people discover that the 808nm diode laser is a reliable way to achieve smoother, revitalized skin efficiently through maximum efficiency skin rejuvenation.

What are the side effects of using the 808nm diode laser for hair removal?

When it comes to the 808nm diode laser and hair removal, the side effects are usually pretty minor and don’t last long. You might see some redness or swelling where you were treated, kind of like how you’d feel with a mild sunburn. Typically, these issues calm down within a few hours to a couple of days after your session. The chance of running into more serious side effects, like blistering or changes in skin color, is pretty low. That’s because the laser is really good at targeting just the hair follicles and has built-in cooling features to keep your skin safe. To keep side effects to a minimum, it’s key to listen to any advice your skin care professional gives you, like staying out of the sun and putting on sunscreen on those treated spots.

Can the 808nm diode laser target fine and light-colored hairs?

Zapping away fine or light-colored hair has always been a bit tricky with laser hair removal since the laser zaps the hair by targeting its pigment. But, the 808nm diode laser, thanks to its ability to dive deep and its tweakable settings, brings better news for those of us with finer or lighter locks. That said, keeping expectations in check is key. While the 808nm diode laser does a better job on light hair compared to many other lasers out there, it’s fair to say it might not always pack the same punch as it does with darker hair.

What should beauty salons consider when purchasing 808nm diode laser hair removal machine?

When you’re in the market for an 808nm diode laser hair removal machine for your salon, finding one that makes sure your clients are at ease and simplifies the treatment process is crucial. Opt for machines equipped with a cooling tip to reduce discomfort during hair removal. Machines featuring large, vivid touch screens with straightforward instructions and videos can simplify operations, ensuring a seamless treatment experience.

Choosing a supplier who supports you fully is wise. They should offer complimentary training, so your team becomes proficient with the machine. Moreover, having access to experts for any queries or issues helps ensure your salon’s operations are smooth. Additional benefits like free shipping, the ability to personalize the machine with your salon’s company logo via OEM services, and marketing services can truly differentiate your brand.

The ideal machine should be versatile enough for various body parts, efficient, and gentle. It ought to precisely target the hair shaft and meticulously manage the temperature at the hair follicle for superior hair removal outcomes. Suppliers dedicated to their own advancement and that boast a comprehensive industry presence, such as the ADSS factory, are likely to provide high-quality machines with qualified treatment protocols. They might even offer the option to purchase any additional ADSS equipment needed to complete your salon’s suite of treatments.

Keeping these points in view will help you select an 808nm diode laser hair removal device that aligns with your salon’s specific demands, elevating the quality of your services.

Why Choose Konmison to Wholesale 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Devices?


Choosing Konmison to supply your 808nm diode laser hair removal machines is like getting the best of both worlds: outstanding technology and unbeatable support. What makes Konmison’s gear special is the ability to handle hair removal all over the body with ease, thanks to dual handles that cover large areas efficiently. Plus, their machines come with three different laser wavelengths (755nm, 808nm, 1064nm), making them versatile enough to work on all kinds of skin tones and hair types. And, with a powerful 1600W laser module and compatible power supply, treatments are quick and deep, making each session shorter.

Since 2013, Konmison has been lighting up the laser hair removal scene not only with top-quality machines but also with stellar after-sales service and tech support. They’re all about innovation, rolling out new products and exclusive designs every year to keep their partners ahead of the curve. With the capability to churn out over 30,000 units annually and a super-low defect rate of just 0.1%, you can count on Konmison for equipment that’s both reliable and effective. Teaming up with them gets you more than just machinery; it opens up a treasure chest of resources like expert advice, competitive prices, how-to videos, and a two-year warranty, all designed to give you a smooth and profitable journey in the bustling world of laser hair removal.


The 808nm diode laser really is at the top of its game when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. It packs a powerful punch of effectiveness, safety, and flexibility that you just don’t see with other methods. What’s really cool about it is how it manages to reduce hair over the long term for pretty much any skin type or hair color, and it does all this without causing much discomfort or any nasty side effects. The science that went into crafting the 808nm wavelength, along with the latest improvements in how lasers are made and used, means that anyone looking to say goodbye to unwanted hair can trust in getting great results. As things keep advancing, the 808nm diode laser continues to be a go-to choice, loved by both those who provide hair removal services and those who benefit from them, for its unmatched ability to cater to all different hair removal needs. Choosing to go with an 808nm diode laser, whether you’re using it on yourself or offering it to clients, is a smart move that’s bound to keep skin smooth and hair-free just the way you want.

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