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Badminton Match: the Values of Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Badminton Match

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In order to promote the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among the company’s employees, Konmison held the badminton match and prepared exquisite prize-winning gifts. The competition includes women’s singles, men’s singles, and mixed doubles.

Employees from different departments of the company actively participated and cooperated in groups. In line with the principle of “friendship first, competition second”. During the competition, the players tried their best, competed fiercely, made use of their strengths in order to be a winner in the match.

The match went straight to a brutal knockout round from the start. Each team faces the possibility of walking off the field in one game, and the competition is extremely fierce. Each group showed their best skills one after another, and they had a showdown. During the competition, the players all showed a tenacious competitive spirit, and at the same time displayed a sense of teamwork. Some colleagues showed their professional skill which is not only fast but also accurate and ruthless. Some groups happen to meet their opponents, evenly matched. The badminton was flying back and forth in the air, which was a special scene! Everyone played heartily, while the colleagues who watched were thrilled, sweating for the side they supported.

The badminton competition was a complete success, and our leaders also support the organization of this event. By holding this competition, the enthusiasm for sports has been greatly ignited. It has provided a platform for everyone to show themselves and communicate with each other. In the competition, we showed the spirit of unity and cooperation, positivity, hard work and insistence.

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