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The design process is an exciting phase because the possibilities are endless. Designers have many ideas, but they often have to consider practicality, appearance, function and other aspects. Therefore, a series of questions are often raised in the process of machine design. For example, who else will use this machine? How will it be used and placed? What should it be made of? Konmison has its exterior designer and structural designer, who can provide customers with unique designs. Let’s start with the appearance design to see the design concept of cryolipolysis machine (JF561).

Design concept

Appearance design

Cryo slimming machine (JF561) is a new cryolipolysis machine recently released by us. Its appearance design is different from other machines on the market, which is unique. It combines the “small waist” design concept of Canton Tower. On the front of the machine, it can be seen that the middle part is relatively narrow, which can visually look thinner. Canton Tower is a landmark building in Guangzhou. It is the new Guangzhou TV Tower and the tallest tower in China. But because his appearance looks like a small waist, people call it a “small waist”. Canton Tower has the tallest Ferris wheel and the tallest vertical downhill ride worldwide. Therefore, it has a high reputation and recognition. This cryo sculpting machine uses the concept of a small waist to leave a deep impression on customers.

Structural design

In terms of structural design, our engineers added metal brackets to the inside of the machine. It not only plays the role of supporting the small parts inside the machine but also provides stability during transportation and prevents the internal parts of the machine from falling off. Because this cryo body sculpting machine is produced by us, we are very familiar with its structure, so it will be more convenient in the follow-up processing and after-sales.

Offer customized cryo slimming machine service

This is a multi-functional machine, it has a total of 7 handles, and 6 laser plates, including three different size cryo handles. We can use different handles according to the needs of customers. If you don’t want to purchase so many probes and hope to reduce costs, we can customize machines for you.

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