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Guide to Using A Hydra Facial Machine: Step by Step

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If you have bought a hydra beauty facial machine or you plan to buy one but you do not know how to use it, this guide will take the 7 in 1 hydra dermabrasion facial machine ( LB473) for example to help you step by step! 

1. Solution

The aqua hydra facial machine needs to be used with three kinds of solutions, as shown in Figure 1.

Brief introduction of aqua peel hydra dermabrasion solution

AS1 nutrient solution can be used on all skin types
Function: moisture retention, exfoliation, improve collagen regeneration.

SA2 is for sensitive skin
Functions: exfoliating acne, moisturizes and calms skin.

AO3 for skin that needs nutrition or hydration
Functions: improves skin immunity, restores damaged cells, vitamin C nutrients supply to the skin, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and helps regeneration.

It is worth noticing that do not pour all the solution in at one time to prevent the solution from being contaminated. It should be poured in stages according to the needs of different customers.

2.Purified or distilled water

Purified or distilled water needs to be poured into the bottle “H2, O2” (Figure 2). This machine uses a hydrogen-oxygen generator to decompose hydrogen and oxygen in pure water. During the decomposition, it can be seen that small bubbles are constantly being produced.

By increasing the hydrogen and oxygen content in purified water, the hydroxide ion water has weak alkaline and is easily absorbed by the human body. With the water and oxygen cleaning handle, it can thoroughly remove the deep dirt in the pores, achieve anti-oxidation, delay aging, and whiten the skin.

3.Hot Spray (for reference)

It is recommended to use the hot spray before using the hydra oxygen facial machine. Because the hot spray opens up the pores and prepares the skin for a deep clean. What is more, using blackhead liquid with cotton pads will be better.

4.Install the handles

Install the handles correctly refers to the user manual.

5.Facial mask, Essence, Gel.

Some handles need to be used with a facial mask, essence, and gel.

6.Alcohol or saline

Before using the probes, they have to be disinfected with alcohol or saline.

Process Reference

1.Clean the face (5~8 minutes)

It is recommended to Clean the face and open pores with Hot Spray and Blackhead Extraction Liquid.

2.Hydra Dermabrasion (10 minutes)

Function: The hydra dermabrasion probe is for cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously, combining vacuum to suck out dirt. There are five different sizes of probes that you can operate at different parts of your face, which meets customers’ individual needs.

Machine operation: Rotate the middle knob in front of the screen to select bottle A/B/C/D. Rotate the left knob to adjust the water flow; the right knob to adjust the suction. Mode D needs to wait 3 minutes to decompose hydrogen and oxygen in pure water.
Operating method: The nose part is operated in a spiral manner, and the other parts are lifted upwards

3.Skin Scrubber (10 minutes)

Function: The Skin Scrubber is to remove dead skin, and improves skin condition.

Machine operation: There are 10 intensity levels and 2 modes to select. Click the icon of the scrubber to start/stop treatment.

Operating method: Your fingers should hold the metal parts on both sides of the handle to start. Depending on the direction of the operation, it has different effects, such as removing skin impurities and promoting essence absorption.

4.Spray (1~2 minutes)

Function: Moisturize skin, and increase skincare penetration and absorption.

Machine operation: Click the icon of the oxygen sprayer or press the button on the handle to start/stop treatment.

Operating method: The bottle needs to be facing up because the bottle with diluted essence water (diluted with purified water)

5.Ultrasonic Handle(5~8 minutes)

Function: Improve the absorption of different skin care products.

Machine operation: There are 10 intensity levels and 2 modes to select. Click the icon of the ultrasonic handle or press the button on the handle to start/stop treatment.

Operating method: Introduce various essences to help absorption, and the absorption rate reaches more than 90%. Matching products such as freeze-dried powder, hyaluronic acid, and other stock solutions. The client will feel a slight heat on the skin, which is very comfortable.

6.RF Handle (10 -15 minutes)

Function: Lift and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity. (heating)

Machine operation: There are 20 intensity levels and 2 modes to select. Click the icon of the RF handle or press the button on the handle to start/stop treatment.

Operating method: The gel or essence must be applied on the skin, and the operation should be done with lifting or circular motions.

7.Cold Hammer Handle (5 Minutes)

Function: Reduce skin swelling and redness, relieve pain, shrink pores, tighten skin, and reduce oil and acne.

Machine operation: Click the icon of the cold hammer or press the button on the handle to start/stop treatment.

Operating method: A facial mask should be applied when using a cold hammer handle.

8.Led Mask (15-20 minutes)

Red light: Brighten skin, and increase skin elasticity.
Blue light: Anti-acne, anti-inflammatory sterilization.
Greenlight: Calm skin, keep water and oil balanced.
Yellow light: Reduce redness and erythema of the skin.
Purple light: Whiten skin, and reduce acne.
Cyan light: Increase cell energy, and promote metabolism.
White light: Reduce wrinkles and firm skin.

Machine operation:
There are 10 intensity/brightness levels to adjust.

Click “COLOR” to change the LED light from “RL” (Red Light) → “GL” (Green Light) → “BL” (Blue Light) → “RL”&”GL” (Yellow Light)→ “RL”&”BL” (Purple Light) → “GL”&”BL” (Cyan Light) → “RL”&”GL”&”BL” (White Light).

Click “FLASH” to start the auto-cyclic mode (7 types of LED light).

Operating method: put on a facial mask and then wear the LED mask, choose the corresponding color light treatment according to the customer’s skin type.

9.Peel off the mask, wash it off, and apply the essence

10.Cleaning the hydrafacial professional machine

1)Each bottle should be cleaned at least once every 15 days;
2)The pipeline of the negative pressure pen: needs to be cleaned after each operation. Press the “D” mode, press the head with your fingers, and repeat several times to clean it.
3)Spray gun: After each operation, it needs to be cleaned, and a thin needle is inserted into the water outlet hole in a rotating manner to prevent clogging.

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