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5 Trusted Beauty Equipment Suppliers

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Do you want to upgrade youself with the best brands for your beauty success?Look no further! Here is my list of the five most reliable beauty equipment suppliers that provide high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Whether you’re a well-experienced aesthetician or just a beginner in starting your beauty business, these suppliers can help you maintain your competitive edge on the market. It is these companies that offer the latest and most advanced laser devices as well as innovative spa equipment. Thus, we are going to plunge in and find out the most popular products in the beauty equipment industry!

Company NameFounding Year
Konmisom (China)2010
Venus Concept (Canada)2009
BTL (The Czech Republic)1993
Inmode (Israel)2009
Zimmer MedizinSysteme (Germany)1969


logo Konmison

Address: Rich Plaza, 7 Nanzhuang Rd, Yongping St, Baiyun Dist, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Founding Year: 2013

Certifications: For example, ISO9001, CE, FDA Certifications are the key.

Products: Laser machines, IPL devices, RF system, and Cavitation machines.

Specific Description:

Konmison is a highly innovative company in the beauty equipment industry, that has been designing beauty treatments since 2013, the year we were established. The products embody the perfect marriage of cutting-edge technology and intricate craftsmanship, which are crafted to give a superior performance level and precision in different beauty applications. We cater to all types of people, from those who want to enhance their breast size to those who remove their tattoos. Our devices are created with the utmost care to ensure not only effectiveness but also safety, providing professionals and novices alike with the best possible results.

The thing that makes Konmison a unique brand isn’t just its attention to innovation but the thoughtful design and performance benefits that come with its products. The devices are driven by modern technology and provide personalized treatments that can be customized to the preferences of the user, giving them the flexibility and control that they expect. The precision and accuracy of Konmisom’s equipment are the key factors that bring the results straight to the exact area, whether you are trying to sculpt the body or just rejuvenate the skin.

Moreover, Konmison not only provides top-notch products but also offers comprehensive assistance to make sure our customers’ success. From the initial setting up to the ongoing training and technical support, Konmison is dedicated to equipping clients with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful in the beauty industry. While buying Konmisom, you are not only purchasing the equipment but also the partnership of a team that is committed to helping you realize your aesthetic goals with confidence and ease.

Venus Concept(Canada)☆☆☆☆☆


Address:900, Toronto, ON M2J 4T8 Canada

Founding Year: 2009

Certifications: Health Canada, FDA, CE Key

Products: Venus Versa™, Venus Legacy™, Venus Bliss™

Specific Description:

Venus Concept, a Canadian-based developer, has led the way in the beauty equipment industry since 2009. They are experts in delivering aesthetic solutions that are innovative, non-invasive and get a great result. Venus Concept offers a wide range of products that includes the Venus Versa™ multi-treatment platform, the Venus Legacy™ for body contouring and skin tightening, the Venus Viva™ for skin resurfacing, and the Venus Bliss™ for fat reduction and muscle stimulation.

Venus Concept stands out from the crowd because of their commitment to research and development. Their products are empirically supported and are made to ensure convenience and painlessness for the clients. Venus Concept’s devices, however, are known for their versatility as they enable professionals to treat a broad range of aesthetic issues. The company also has a complete training and support that enables users to fully exploit the possibilities of the devices. Venus Concept, whose presence is in more than 60 countries and with a reputation of excellence, is the preferred choice for beauty professionals seeking latest technologies.

BTL(The Czech Republic)☆☆☆☆


Address:Evropská 423/178, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic .

Founding Year: 1993

Certifications: ISO13485, FDA, CE, TGA Key

Products: Vanquish ME™, Exilis Ultra™, EMSCULPT NEO®

Specific Description:

The Czech Republic has been known as the center of the world. BTL, which is located in the Czech Republic and serves as the center of the world, is a global company in the field of aesthetic equipment and physiotherapy, which is a pioneer in this area. BTL has been possessed of the inventing of the state of the art, non-invasive methods for the body contouring, skin tightening and muscle strengthening since 1993. The Vanquish ME™ for body fat loss, Exilis Ultra™ for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, and EMSCULPT NEO® for muscle building and fat burning are their flagship products.

The key feature of BTL is a thorough scientific research and clinical trials that are performed in order to achieve it. Their products are frequently endorsed and confirmed in various publications of peer-reviewed journals, thus, giving evidence of their safety and effectiveness. The production of the BTL devices takes place in modern factories, which are fully equipped with the most advanced technologies and hold the necessary certificates, including ISO13485, FDA, CE, and TGA. The company has a global presence and its products are accessible to beauty professionals through the company’s strong distributor network as well as fast shipping. The BTL team is focused on continuous training and assistance to enable the users to get the desired results and high customer satisfaction.



Address:Hacarmel, Tavor Building, Sha’ar Yokneam, P.O. Box 533, Yokneam Illit, Northern District, 2069200, Israel .

Founding Year: 2009

Certifications: Health Canada, FDA, CE Key

Products: Morpheus8,Forma,EvolveX

Specific Description:

Inmode, a start-up in Israel, entered the aesthetics sector in 2008 and became a real game changer. They are concentrating on the production of cutting-edge, minimally invasive machines that can be used for skin remodeling, body shaping, and hair removal. Inmode’s Morpheus8 is the latest device in the company’s portfolio of fractional skin resurfacing and subdermal adipose remodeling technology, which is a hands-free facial remodeling device and a trim, tite, and tone system.

Inmode is the only one to have invented a patented RF technology that creates the right energy amount and direction to the targeted areas and thus achieves the most effective results with the minimum downtime. A crucial element of their devices is the user-friendly interface that is also safe and secure, which allows both doctors and patients to use their devices without any hassle. The unparalleled research and development strategy of Inmode is manifested in the numerous published clinical trials that prove the effectiveness and safety of their equipment. Through its global reach and a team of experienced specialists, Inmodes is always at the very front line of aesthetic technology development, making it possible for beauty stylists to remain ahead of the curve and deliver the best results to their clients.

Zimmer MedizinSysteme (Germany)☆☆☆☆

zimmer logo.png.pagespeed.ce .x95zRJwHcN

Address:Junkersstraße 9, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Germany.

Founding Year: 1969

Certifications: ISO13485, CE, FDA

Key Products: Z Wave, ZCryo, ZLipo

Specific Description:

The company, Zimmer MedizinSysteme, a German company with a history of more than 50 years, is one of the top manufacturers of aesthetic equipment in the world. They have become famous in the world of health and wellness, which is based on their unique and cutting-edge products in shockwave therapy, cryotherapy, and laser technology. The Zimmer’s flagship product line is a combination of Z Wave for cellulite treatment and body contouring, ZCryo for fat reduction and skin tightening and ZLipo for non-invasive lipolysis.

Zimmer’s success is founded on their own scientific research and the German engineering superiority which the company likes to boast about. Their devices are co-developed with leading clinical experts and are accompanied by a huge number of clinical studies. As for Zimmer’s devices, they are made by the strictest standards of quality that ensure their durability and reliability. The customer satisfaction is the main thing that the company aims to achieve and they do it by offering a broad range of trainings and a superb after-sales assistance The company has a large network of distributors and has gained fame as the industry innovator, which makes it a reliable partner that beauty professionals can trust and seek out for the latest technology.


In short, the world of beauty equipment suppliers is a diverse one characterized with innovation, reliability, and dedication to quality. From the Konmison’s precision and personalized treatments to Venus Concept’s research-based solutions, each brand has its own specialty. BTL’s commitment to scientific research and ZMS’s German engineering excellence are the hallmarks of their reputation for quality and effectiveness. However, Inmode’s patented RF technology is a sign of the age of aesthetic progress. Collectively, these suppliers offer a comprehensive range of options for people seeking to enhance their beauty success.

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