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Top 5 Oxygen Facial Machine Wholesale Manufacturers: Your Ultimate Supplier Guide

Oxygen Facial Machine

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This guide is prepared to help beauty specialists and wholesalers in making knowledgeable choices of oxygen facial machines to buy for their business. The manufacturers included here are the ones among the lot that have been selected for their innovativeness, quality, and the ability to provide a wide range of solutions to meet diverse skincare needs. From multi tasking devices that fuse hydra-dermabrasion with oxygen infusion to the most sophisticated machines that blend radiofrequency with hydrodermabrasion, this guide will cover the critical players whose products are not only changing the game but also delivering clients outcomes across the globe.

Company NameFounding Year
Konmisom (China)2013
Glownar Aesthetics (USA)2018
DermaMed Solutions (USA)1998
OxygenCeuticals (Korea)2003
Zemits (USA)2012

Konmison (China) ☆☆☆☆☆


Address:Rich Plaza, 7 Nanzhuang Rd, Yongping St, Baiyun Dist, Guangzhou City

Customers Served: Multiple clients globally including beauty salons and spas

Certifications: ISO 9001, CE Certified

Main Products: Hydra facial Machines,14 in 1 Hydra and Diamond Dermabrasion Facial Beauty Machine,6 in 1 M6 Hydra Dermabrasion Skin Peel Facial Beauty Machine,6 in 1 Oxygen Hydra Dermabration Facial Machine

Specific Description:

Konmison has built a good name for itself as a technology leader in the beauty devices industry for skincare. In 2013, this company headquartered in Guangzhou was born and developed into a leading brand both at home and abroad. Their numerous product categories are carefully created to cater to different skincare requirements. The flagship product of the company is the 14-in-1 Hydra and Diamond Dermabrasion Facial Beauty Machine that is a multifunctional facial rejuvenation machines that combines several proven skin treatments in a single device. This machine presents hydra-dermabrasion, which is a process that utilizes the natural healing power of water and oxygen to exfoliate the skin without using hard crystals or harsh wands, deeply hydrating and improving skin health. Also, the machine has diamond dermabrasion, which is a non-surgical procedure for skin refinishing, using sterile diamond heads to rub off the top skin layer, and oxygen infusion, which is vital for cell growth and skin repair.

Konmison puts a lot of effort on the design and usability of its devices for the clients to find it easy to use with the interface and ergonomic features that reduce fatigue in the operators which makes the device ideal for use in busy salons and spas for extended periods. The small size of the machine makes it convenient for different work places to use it and improve the space efficiency. Through the ever-evolving innovations and quality assurance of Konmison, the company has been able to market their machines globally in the beauty industry and they have become the first choice to many beauty professionals looking for reliable, comprehensive and effective beauty solutions.

Glownar (USA) ☆☆☆☆☆


Address:FLORIDA: 11850W9 Tate Road 84, Suite 1A Fort Lauderdale,33325

Customers Served: Aesthetics centers, Dermatology clinics across the US

Certifications: FDA Approved, GMP Certified

Main Products:Tru Hydro 2-in-1 Hydrodermabrasion and Radiofrequency,Sollift Restore 6 in 1 Cavitation System for Face and Body

Specific Description:

Glownar , a newcomer in this field, has drew the attention of many due to its unique and working methods of skin care and rejuvenation. With Florida as its home, Glownar is a company with a mission to bring the latest technology in the field while achieving the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. The Tru Hydro 2-in-1 device of the same brand shows the company’s devotion toward multi-functional appliances, since it performs hydrodermabrasion and radiofrequency treatments in a single system.

The integration of these two modalities allows practitioners to provide a wider variety of treatments, hence improving both the outcome and the efficiency of facial therapy. Glownar’s concept of multifunctionality and space-saving is the most attractive feature in the urban areas where space is limited. As well as that, their dedication to quality and safety is highlighted by the fact that the FDA approval system and GMP certifications are very strict and guarantee that the products not only meet but go beyond the industry standards. The company has gained a reputation for its excellent customer service and ongoing support, which has made clients achieve the best results from the investment.

DermaMed Solutions (USA) ☆☆☆☆


Address:394 Parkmount Rd, Lenni, PA 19052, USA

Customers Served: Medical spas, skincare professionals, and dermatologists nationwide

Certifications: FDA Approved, CE, ISO 13485

Main Products: Microdermabrasion Machines

Specific Description:

DermaMed Solutions, which started off in 1998 at Lenni, Pennsylvania, has forged a unique identity in the domain of holistic skin care and medical-grade devices. The concept of their products combines the science and the skin health which is reflected in the wide variety of devices and skincare products. Their Spa’s microdermabrasion machines, which are known for being highly effective and dependable, provide crystal and diamond-tip exfoliation, thus addressing the skin needs of a wide range of clients with different skin types and concerns.

As for DermaMed’s approach, it is not limited to equipment but also includes professional skincare products and wellness programs training which stresses on the need of a complete treatment regimen that involves nutrition and lifestyle. The 360-degree approach to skin health by DermaMed makes it the 1 choice for any skincare professionals looking for a more comprehensive and health-oriented service for their clients. The level of education and training their employees receive shows their commitment to the efficiency of their products and also to the understanding of the principles of skin health and wellness.

OxygenCeuticals (Korea) ☆☆☆☆


Address:(07650) 37-4, Hwagok-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Customers Served: Spas, clinics, and beauty centers worldwide

Certifications: FDA Approved, GMP Certified

Main Products: Astrodomefacial,Air sprayer

Specific Description:

The brand OxygenCeuticals has been known for years to be among the first to have developed the best oxygen-based skincare formulas in the market. Set up in 2003 in Seoul, South Korea, the company has dedicated itself to inventing innovative technologies that channel the power of oxygen for skin rejuvenation and healing. Its flagship product, AstrodomeFacial, which is one of a kind as it uses oxygen therapy in combination with LED light therapy, is designed in a way that it enables the skin to absorb more of nutrients and antioxidants, which in turn improves the skin health.

The potency of OxygenCeuticals’ products lies in the company’s commitment to scientific research of the skin. Each product is subjected to a rigorous clinical trial with the goal of guaranteeing that not only the safety and efficiency standards but also exceeding them are met. The Air Sprayer, another product from that lineup that has made a name for itself among estheticians, is based on micronized oxygen particles to deliver serums and nutrients to deep skin layers. It is considered a favorite tool of estheticians because of the precision and visible improvement it offers in treating conditions like acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. By focusing on quality as well as innovation, the company has built up its market position as a number one brand in the oxygen facial machine market and thus its apparatuses are viewed as the best option for beauty professionals who need reliable and modern beauty devices.

Zemits (USA) ☆☆☆☆


Address:12010 Forestgate Dr, Dallas,TX 75243

Customers Served: Dermatologists, aestheticians, and luxury spas across the globe

Certifications: CE Certified, ISO 13485

Main Products: Zemits OxiVelour,Zemits DermeLuxx Pro,Zemits HydroVerstand Pro,Zemits Verstand HD

Specific Description:

Zemits located in Dallas, TX is a well-known player in the aesthetic technology area and is specifically known for its wide range and innovative oxygen facial machines. The goal of Zemits has been to develop and produce the best quality multifunctional devices that accommodate a broad range of skin care needs since its launch in 2012. The Zemits OxiVelour, for instance, is a top-notch device which is equipped with oxygen infusion as well as microdermabrasion, therefore it is a multifunctional tool that can deal with all issues regarding dehydration and blemishes.

In addition to that, the technology used by the company in Zemits DermeLuxx Pro is customized and precise. This can be seen in the Zemits DermeLuxx Pro. This device applies skin exfoliation, oxygenation and infusion technologies to give a personalized treatment which can be adjusted to the unique state of the skin on any day. Zemits’ promise of delivering not only expensive, but also long-lasting devices has made them the top choice of skincare professionals who value reliability and versatility in their equipment. The HydroVerstand Pro and Verstand HD are testaments to the company’s commitment to innovation as they come with advanced controls and settings that can be adjusted to provide tailored treatments. This has placed Zemits as the leading brand among those who seek to provide superior skincare services.

Factors of Choosing Oxygen Facial Machine

During the process of buying an oxygen facial machine, you should pay attention to the variety of treatments the machine offers like oxygen jet facials and its level of technological innovation, the company’s reputation, and the after-sales services provided by the company. The suitability of the professional oxygen facial machine in treatments of a wide array of skin conditions and its ease of use should be among the leading considerations for any beauty professional.


In a market full of oxygen facial machines, five producers have a reputation for their innovative approaches, complete certifications, and solid worldwide presence. Konmison provides with multipurpose devices such as the 14-in-1 Hydra and Diamond Dermabrasion Facial Beauty Machine which are intended to cater to different skincare needs. Glownar Aesthetics stands out among others owing to the fact that it has multifunctional devices like the Tru Hydro 2-in-1 that prioritizes safety and efficiency. DermaMed Solutions integrates medical-grade technology with holistic wellness programs as a way of treating skin care issues holistically. OxygenCeuticals is famous for the development of its oxygen-based skincare products, including the Astrodome Facial, which breaks down nutrients using light therapy. Finally, the Zemits range has high-end, customizable beauty equipment devices such as the Zemits OxiVelour for the luxury clinics and spas markets. These manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of aesthetic technology also prioritize customer satisfaction and after-sale services, which makes them a trendsetter in the global beauty industry.

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