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2023’s Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Brands

laser hair removal machine

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Ah, beauty and skincare, it’s like a dance, isn’t it? Always mixing up the new beats with the old classics, and what a dance it is! My own adventure in this sparkling world, especially in the laser hair removal scene, has been an eye-opener. I’ve seen firsthand how these cool new gadgets do more than just make us look good—they boost our confidence sky-high. Just imagine a world where the annoyance of unwanted hair is old news, and everyone’s skin gets the VIP treatment it deserves. Laser hair removal? That’s the star of the show, a real high-five to technology.

The laser hair removal market? It’s booming, and I mean booming! Everyone’s loving these non-invasive treatments. There’s this report by MarketsandMarkets that says this field could be worth a whopping USD 3.9 billion by 2026. That’s a 16.5% jump every year from 2021! Why? Thanks to laser tech getting smarter, now it can handle all sorts of skin tones and hair colors. Those diode and alexandrite lasers are getting standing ovations for working wonders on different hair and skin types. They’ve really stepped up, especially for darker skin and those larger areas.

More and more, the pros at clinics and salons are giving these advanced lasers a thumbs-up. They know getting the best laser hair removal gear isn’t just about drawing in more people. It’s about taking their services up a notch, aiming for those awesome results and happy clients. Picking the right device is a big deal—it affects how long the treatment takes, how comfy it is, and how pleased the client is for optimal results. Next up, I’ll give you the lowdown on 10 big names in the professional laser hair removal machine market.


Location: Guangzhou, China

Founded: 2013

Specializations: Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation

Certifications: CE, FDA, MSDS, RoHS, FCC


In the heart of Guangzhou, a city brimming with life and color, emerged Konmison in 2013—a beacon of ingenuity in the beauty equipment landscape. Envision this: a company, far from ordinary, now a household name for its revolutionary laser hair removal machines. It’s a testament, really, to their steadfast dedication to the cutting edge of beauty technology.

At the heart of Konmison’s extraordinary odyssey are their meticulously engineered laser hair removal devices. Picture a tool, not just any tool, but one at the zenith of laser technology. It zeroes in on hair follicles with astounding precision, ensuring not just effective hair removal but a deep respect for skin health. This technological stride is akin to a soothing breeze on a warm summer day, elevating client comfort, halving treatment times compared to traditional methods, and diminishing any discomfort.

Yet, Konmison’s story doesn’t end with hair removal. Their product range extends to tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation devices. This versatility, the multipurpose nature of their equipment, crowns them as treasures in beauty salons. It empowers professionals to soar, offering a spectrum of treatments with a single, enchanting piece of equipment.

What distinguishes Konmison, truly, is their heartfelt dedication to bespoke solutions. Imagine a team of adept artisans in research and development, collaborating closely with clients. They’re crafting beauty tools that not only fulfill operational demands but also embody each brand’s distinct essence. This journey is more than product creation; it’s about transforming dreams into tangible realities, ensuring each piece resonates with the client’s vision.

Choosing Konmison’s technology is akin to selecting a reliable partner for beauty salons and clinics. Their machines, designed for ease of use and maintenance, guarantee a rapid and fruitful return on investment. Coupled with their comprehensive after-sales service, including training and technical support, Konmison isn’t merely selling products—they’re fostering enduring relationships with their clientele.

In sum, Konmison isn’t just a supplier of beauty equipment; they’re bestowing the industry with elegant, adaptable solutions, crafted with consideration and affection, ready to meet the ever-evolving needs of beauty professionals. For any beauty establishment aspiring to enhance its offerings, Konmison’s machines represent not just a prudent choice, but a path towards a more radiant and enchanting future.




Location: Westford, MA

Founded: 1991

Specializations: Light-based Aesthetic and Medical Treatment Systems


  • Apogee+™
  • Elite iQ™
  • Elite+™
  • Icon™
  • Vectus® Laser

Based in Westford, MA, Cynosure stands at the forefront of aesthetic and medical treatment systems since its inception in 1991. As a pioneer in the industry, the company has distinguished itself as a global leader, especially in the development of light-based systems widely utilized by professionals ranging from physicians and aestheticians to business owners in the beauty sector. The core philosophy of Cynosure, encapsulated in the concept of ‘Beautiful Energy’, resonates with their commitment to synergizing internal wellness and external aesthetics.

Cynosure’s dedication to advancing patient care is evident in their comprehensive range of products. Their portfolio, featuring the Apogee+™, Elite iQ™, Elite+™, Icon™, and Cynosure’s Vectus Laser, addresses various facets of aesthetic treatments. Notably, the Elite iQ™, a cutting-edge dual-wavelength platform, excels in hair removal, vascular and pigment treatments, and wrinkle reduction. The Cynosure’s Vectus Laser, renowned for its efficacy and speed, offers a premier solution for high-volume hair removal with cynosure’s vectus laser, essential for practices prioritizing efficiency and results.

What distinguishes Cynosure in the marketplace is their unwavering commitment to innovation. They consistently lead the industry, advancing their technology to provide state-of-the-art treatments. For example, their laser hair removal procedures are meticulously designed to selectively target and eliminate hair cells responsible for hair growth, all while preserving the surrounding skin, ensuring effective and enduring results.

Cynosure’s progressive ethos is further reflected in their extensive support services. Beyond supplying cutting-edge technologies, they are dedicated to ensuring their clients receive comprehensive support encompassing technical, clinical, and operational aspects, thereby fostering growth and expanding opportunities.

Syneron Candela

Syneron Candela
Syneron Candela

Location: Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

Founded: 1970

Specializations: Hair Removal, Facial Resurfacing, Wrinkle Reduction, Women’s Health, Tattoo Removal


  • Gentle Pro™ Series
  • Nordlys™
  • Sirius™

Founded in 1970, Syneron Candela stands as a paragon in the medical aesthetic device sector. With its headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts, this prominent American company excels in delivering sophisticated, energy-based solutions across a spectrum of medical-aesthetic applications. The cornerstone of their ethos lies in a triad of values: Science, Results, and Trust, which guarantees the safety, efficacy, and reliability of every product they offer.

The extensive range of Syneron Candela’s products spans numerous applications, including hair removal, facial resurfacing, wrinkle reduction, and treatments tailored for women’s health. They address various aesthetic needs, from benign vascular and pigmented lesions to tattoo removal and body contouring. A highlight in their portfolio is the Sirius™, a multi-faceted IPL laser platform, acclaimed for its proprietary Selective Wavelength Technology (SWT®) with dual filters and radio frequency technology. This technology is particularly effective in photorejuvenation, vascular treatments, skin treatments, skin discoloration, and hair removal, delivering outstanding outcomes.

Syneron Candela’s commitment to medical aesthetics is marked by their relentless pursuit of innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality. The Sirius™ system exemplifies this ethos, leveraging SWT IPL technology to enable treatments that require lower fluence and eliminate the need for active cooling, thereby reducing the number of treatments needed. This dedication to innovation positions Syneron Candela at the vanguard of the industry, continuously elevating patient care with their state-of-the-art technologies.



Location: Yokne’am Ilit, Tsafon

Founded: 1966

Specializations: Skin, Body, and Eye Care Treatments


  • LightSheer® Product Line

Established in 1966, Lumenis has consistently been a leader in medical and aesthetic advancements, specializing in energy-based solutions that have revolutionized treatments in skin, body, and eye care. Located in Yokne’am Ilit, Tsafon, Lumenis is more than a company; it is an innovator in BeautyTech, dedicated to extending the frontiers of health and beauty, enhancing lives through its cutting-edge technologies.

Lumenis boasts a significant international presence, with its products available in over 100 countries and a global team of skilled professionals. The company excels in various fields, notably in laser hair removal, where it has achieved notable advancements. Their treatments are based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, effectively targeting hair from the shaft to the follicle with precision for fast and effective results. This technique is inclusive of all skin types, employing varying wavelengths such as 755nm (Alexandrite) and 805nm (diode laser) for lighter skin, and 1060/1064 nm for darker complexions.

Lumenis, also a pioneer in aesthetic and medical laser technology, has solidified its leadership with the introduction of the LightSheer® Product Line and aSPLENDOR X, featuring the innovative BLEND X™ technology. These systems are tailored for versatility and efficiency, catering to a variety of skin tones and hair types. The LightSheer® series offers customized treatments focused on individual patient needs, optimizing both efficacy and comfort. SPLENDOR X, with its unique combination of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers, provides even skin coverage and enhances the patient experience by significantly reducing treatment times. This approach underscores Lumenis’ commitment to innovation and patient-centered care in the realm of advanced laser technology.



Location: Brisbane,, California

Founded: 1998

Specializations: Aesthetic Procedures, Dermatology, Cosmetic Procedures, Laser Technologies


  • xeo
  • excel HR

In the quaint town of Brisbane, California, nestled since 1998, stands Cutera – a beacon in the aesthetic device realm. Imagine a bustling NASDAQ trading floor, where CUTR elegantly ticks away, symbolizing a legacy of innovation in medical devices, particularly those wielding advanced technology. Picture Cutera’s world, brimming with skin care marvels, beauty treatments, and the transformative art of plastic surgery, all underpinned by a relentless quest for pioneering technologies harnessing lasers, light, and the whispers of radiofrequency energy.

Let me tell you about the xeo platform, Cutera’s magnum opus in innovation. This versatile marvel opens doors to a galaxy of non-surgical aesthetic wonders – from erasing the trails of time in vein correction, harmonizing skin tones, to the gentle banishing of wrinkles and unwanted hair, and a rejuvenating embrace for weary skin. It’s a beacon of hope for those grappling with the telltale marks of acne scars, age’s kisses in the form of spots, and the playful freckles of youth, earning its spot as a cherished tool in the hands of aesthetic connoisseurs.

At the heart of Cutera’s narrative in the aesthetic cosmos is a devotion to the art of personalized treatment. The xeo platform is the embodiment of this philosophy, offering treatments as unique as each patient’s story. Amidst these innovations shines the Laser Genesis, a 1064 nm laser – a harmonious symphony for all skin types. This journey towards personalized care is the very soul of Cutera, mirroring its commitment to delivering not just treatments, but transformative experiences in aesthetic care.

Tria Beauty

Tria Beauty
Tria Beauty

Location: Dublin, California

Founded: 2003

Specializations: Home-use Laser Skincare Devices


  • Hair Removal Laser
  • Tria Blue Light
  • Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser

In the year 2003, a company by the name of Tria Beauty sprouted up, marking its territory as a pioneer in ushering professional laser technology right into our living rooms. It all began with their Hair Removal Laser, launched in Japan during 2005. By 2008, after a nod of approval from the FDA, they gracefully stepped into the US market. This strategic decision etched Tria Beauty’s name in the annals of home skincare, celebrated for its permanent and user-friendly products delivering stellar outcomes.

Marrying the realms of science and aesthetics, Tria Beauty boasts a diverse product lineup. Ranging from enduring hair removal solutions to acne combatants and skin rejuvenation techniques, each product shines with remarkable efficacy. Notable milestones include the 2010 debut of the FDA-sanctioned Tria Blue Light, a combatant against acne, and the 2012 introduction of the Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser, a warrior against the telltale signs of aging.

Tria Beauty’s mission is to empower folks with sophisticated, light-based skincare technology within the comfort of their homes. These innovations penetrate the skin deeply, enhancing its radiance and vitality. By democratizing professional skincare technology, Tria Beauty has revolutionized the industry, making elite skincare accessible and private for one and all. Now, the luxury of high-end light treatments is no longer a distant dream but a reality available in the sanctuary of our homes.

Quanta System

Quanta System
Quanta System

Location: Samarate, Varese, Italy

Founded: 1985

Specializations: Medical and Aesthetic Laser Devices

Quanta System, established in 1985 in Varese, Italy, has emerged as a pioneering force in laser technology, renowned for its exceptional manufacturing standards and groundbreaking contributions in fields such as surgery, aesthetics, and art restoration. As a crucial part of the El.En SpA Group, Quanta System epitomizes the quintessence of Italian craftsmanship and technological innovation. The company’s headquarters, staffed by 150 specialized professionals, also maintains a significant international presence through a robust network of 110 distributors worldwide.

Quanta System’s expertise is deeply rooted in complex scientific areas like high-energy physics, plasma physics, spectroscopy, and the interaction between light and matter. This specialized knowledge places the company at the forefront of laser technology innovation. It offers a wide range of laser solutions, meticulously crafted to address the diverse requirements of its clientele. Each system is subjected to stringent quality checks, ensuring superior performance in various applications. This focus underscores Quanta System’s commitment to reliability, environmental sustainability, and maintenance convenience.

Since its inception in 1997, Quanta System has gracefully carved a niche in the aesthetic and medical laser realm. With a trove of light-based technologies at its disposal, complemented by exemplary sales and service initiatives, this company stands as a beacon of innovation. Their strategy? It’s about empowering those in the medical field to handpick energy-based devices tailored to their unique needs, optimizing not just time, but also financial investments. This approach not only ensures astute equipment selections for healthcare practitioners but also marks a journey towards more effective healthcare solutions.

Quanta System boasts an extensive product range that serves a multitude of purposes, including permanent hair removal, wrinkle reduction, acne and scar treatment, tattoo removal, and nail fungus therapy. Its steadfast commitment to clinical excellence and meticulous precision distinguishes it from its multinational rivals. Quanta System’s products are a testament to unparalleled quality and accuracy.

SharpLight Technologies

SharpLight Technologies
SharpLight Technologies

Location: Rishon Le Zion

Founded: 2004

Specializations: Light-Based Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal

SharpLight Technologies, an innovator in the aesthetic industry, has been redefining hair removal with their advanced light-based technologies. Addressing the increasing preference for hair-free skin, SharpLight has introduced two proprietary technologies – Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) and DPC Flow. These groundbreaking platforms redefine the standards of permanent hair reduction, offering tailored treatments suitable for all skin types, including dark skin, year-round. Their methodology ensures a swift, virtually painless treatment experience for patients.

At the heart of SharpLight’s technological innovation is its targeted approach to hair follicles. The process involves a light source beam penetrating the sub-dermal skin layer, absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, effectively denaturing the follicle to prevent future hair growth, while remaining gentle on the surrounding tissue. DPC, SharpLight’s signature technology, enhances IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, facilitating high-energy protocols for more efficient treatment sessions.

SharpLight’s dedication to innovation extends to their diverse range of laser technologies, including the Er: YAG Fractional laser 2940nm, Nd:YAG Q-Switched laser 1064/532 nm, and Nd:YAG Long Pulse laser 1064nm. These lasers are renowned for their swift, profound tissue ablation, accelerated re-epithelialization, and superior skin resurfacing results, necessitating minimal recovery time. Offering various wavelengths and characteristics, SharpLight’s lasers ensure maximum energy penetration and absorption for different skin types. Whether employed individually or in combination with other technologies, including the latest technology, they provide impressive outcomes in skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and tattoo removal.

Alma Lasers

Alma Lasers
Alma Lasers

Location: Caesarea, Hefa, Israe

Founded: 1999

Specializations: Multispectral Laser Hair Removal, SHR Technology, ICE Cooling

Alma Lasers has revolutionized the field of laser hair removal with its cutting-edge Soprano ICE Platinum system, a significant innovation in aesthetic technology. This advanced system integrates a tri-wavelength technology – 755nm, 810nm, and 1064nm – positioning it as a comprehensive solution for efficient hair removal for all skin tones and hair colors. The Soprano ICE Platinum, equipped with Alma’s proprietary SHR (Super Hair Removal) and ICE technologies, provides an almost pain-free experience while accommodating all skin tones, hair textures, and treatment areas, encompassing both body and facial hair removal in the target area.

The system excels in addressing complex hair removal challenges, especially targeting fine and light hairs, which traditional methods often struggle to remove. Its Alexandrite wavelength, known for high absorption efficiency, works in synergy with the comfort offered by SHR technology to yield outstanding outcomes. Designed for universal skin compatibility, the Soprano ICE Platinum is a popular choice among clinicians for its versatility and safety for year-round use, including on tanned skin.

A notable feature of the Soprano ICE Platinum is its capacity to administer energy across a broad treatment zone, extending beyond the immediate vicinity of the hair follicle. Its unique In-Motion™ technique systematically builds heat in the targeted region, uniformly impacting hair follicles to ensure comprehensive coverage and enhanced results. Additionally, Alma’s exclusive SHR technology introduces various operational modes, encompassing SHR in motion for extensive areas, SHR STACK for smaller regions like the face and bikini area, and HR classic for stationary energy application.



Location: Irvine, California

Founded: 2008

Specializations: Hair Removal, RF Technology, Laser Solutions


  • DiolazeXL
  • Triton Duo

In sunny Irvine, California, InMode Ltd. has been shaking things up since 2008, establishing itself as a hotshot in the advanced medical tech scene. They’re really making waves, especially when it comes to zapping away unwanted hair! Their brainchild, DiolazeXL, is a real game-changer, tackling even the trickiest of hair removal jobs on both the face and body. It’s like it knows exactly how to handle different skin types.

Now, let’s talk tech. InMode isn’t playing around – they use radio-frequency (RF) to up the ante on safety and results in minimally invasive procedures. You’ll find their gadgets in the hands of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and even gynecologists. For hair removal, they’ve gone laser-style, hitting the the root of the problem (pun intended!) to deal with unwanted hair across large areas. Yep, even those delicate spots.

Here’s a cool fact: InMode’s devices can slash hair growth by up to 80% after just three sessions. That’s a big deal compared to old-school methods that keep you coming back for more. Plus, they’re super safe, cutting down on those pesky side effects like skin irritation that you get with other hair removal tricks.

And get this – InMode’s got this snazzy thing called Triton Duo. It’s a dynamic duo with Duo Light for the fair-skinned crowd and Duo Dark for those with darker skin and coarser hair.

InMode is like a maestro in the orchestra of beauty tech. They don’t just play the tunes; they compose them, always a beat ahead with their innovations. Think of their RF and laser tech as the perfect harmony in a symphony – it’s safe, it hits the right notes of effectiveness, and it’s as comforting as a lullaby. On the lookout for a hair removal solution that’s more than just a flash in the pan? InMode’s the ticket. They’re not peddling a mere gadget; they’re offering a ticket to a future where your skin sings with smoothness and joy.


In this whirlwind of a world we live in, where the removal of hair through zaps of laser has become the latest sensation, there’s always something new and exhilarating waiting in the wings of the laser hair removal scene. When it comes to selecting a brand, it’s far from a mere off-the-shelf choice; it’s akin to embarking on a journey of discovery! This year, it’s as if we’re observing an artist reveal a spectrum of new hues on their palette. We’re at the forefront of witnessing significant technological leaps that are truly stirring the pot, adeptly accommodating a diversity of skin and hair types. Brands like Konmison, GentleMax Pro, and Alma Soprano Ice Platinum are making remarkable strides, especially for those with darker skin tones and the elusive, fine, light hairs.

Thinking about snapping up one of these bad boys? It’s all about striking the perfect balance between power and gentleness. These machines need to be the skin care world’s chameleons, swiftly adapting to different skin and hair types. The really cool part? They come with adjustable settings and a range of laser wavelengths – these are the real game changers. Beauty centers and clinics are transforming into these enchanting places, zipping through treatments and leaving customers totally thrilled.

To sum it up, the top laser hair removal gadgets of 2023 are like the superheroes of the beauty world – they’re clever, adaptable, safe, and super effective. These are the heavy hitters for satisfied customers and thriving businesses. Staying on top of the latest trends and choosing a brand that aligns with your values is crucial. It’s like navigating your boat in the competitive beauty ocean, essential for making a splash!

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