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How to Clean Hydrafacial Machine Step by Step

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As people become more and more concerned about facial beauty care, the non-invasive and effective Hydrafacial facial treatment has become one of the hottest skin care treatments. This makes a Hydrafacial machine almost become an essential machine in the beauty salon. obviously, it can bring huge economic benefits for the beauty salon owner. However, If you don’t take care of and clean the Hydrafacial machine well, it can also lead to financial losses that should not be underestimated. But don’t worry, this article will tell you how to clean Hydrafacial machine step by step.

Guide on How to Clean Hydrafacial Machine

If you are a beauty salon owner or other Hydrafacial machine users, you should clean the Hydrafacial machine well both before and after use. This will not only give your customers a better experience of using the machine, but also extend the service life of the machine and bring you longer-term benefits. The major steps are as follows.

  • Clean the exterior of the Hydrafacial machine

Whether it is before or after using, keeping the exterior of the Hydrafacial machine clean is very important. You can spay some alcohol, chloric acid solution, or the clean water on a clean gauze. Then start to clean the Hydrafacial machine, from the operation screen, and handle holder to the whole main part of the machine.

  • Clean each operating handle

First, use clean gauze to cleanse the exterior of every handpiece. Then detach the operating head and probe to carefully cleanse the inside handle. Then disconnect the handle and the tube to clean the connecting side.

  • Clean the solution bottles and tubes

Fill all the solution bottles with normal saline or pure water, then install them well and start them one by one with the hydradermabrasion pen. Remember, every bottle should be operated. You can put the hydradermabrasion pen on your hand back. Adjust the suction power and choose the self-clean system to clean the connecting tube and check if it’s clogged.

  • Clean the wastewater bottle

Dismantle the wastewater bottle and empty the waste water out of it. And then put the wastewater bottle under the running water. Use clean cotton to really clean the inside of the waste container. And rinse it again. Then let it air dry.

Video about how to clean Hydrafacial machine

FAQ about Hydrafacial Machine

1. What Solution Is used in Hydrafacial Machine?

Normally, there are 3 solution bottles in a Hydrafacial machine. By filling these three container bottles with different solutions, it can be more convenient and professional to deal with different skin types of clients.

For example, you can fill with thicker consistency serum or plant extract in the first bottle and make it suitable for normal skin types. As for the second bottle, you can fill it with salicylic acid to deal with oily skin. And the third bottle, you can fill it with a mix solution composed of water, aloe extract and Vitamin C for sensitive skin treatment.

2. How Do You Use a Hydra Cleansing Machine?

Basically, it can be divided into 4 steps.

The first step is cleansing and exfoliation. You can simply cleanse the surface of the face with a cleanser to get rid of the dirt before using the device. Then use the vortex exfoliation tool on your nose area, chin, forehead, and neck in order to remove the dead skin and blackheads.

The second step is the chemical peel. Apply some exfoliating serum to open the pores and penetrate the serum to the deep skin. Then the inside pores can be well cleaned.

The third step is extractions. Use the vacuum to suck out the dirt from the skin and deliver nutrients to hydrate the skin.  

The fourth step is serum application. You can use the hydradermabrasion pen connecting with different solution bottles. Different solutions for different skin problems, make the skin refreshing and rejuvenating.

See more details about how to use a Hydrafacial machine.

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3. Is the Hydrafacial Machine Worth It?

The answer is yes for sure. A Hydrafacial machine can be a significant investment for a beauty salon. It is not surprising to find that people with a relevant understanding of non-invasive skin care will be interested in Hydrafacial treatment.

And even most of them have tried it and love it thus making it becoming a regular beauty item. You can use it to help you to build your client loyalty. And believe me, there is a huge potential for the Hydrafacial machine to bring you financial benefits.

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A Hydrafacial machine can provide a customizable treatment that can address a wide range of skin concerns, making it suitable for a broad customer group. Besides, it takes effect very soon, and this will attract a lot of clients for you.

More importantly, a Hydrafacial machine is always equipped with some other different functional handles, so you can offer a very complete facial care procedure for your clients with just one machine. Of course, regular cleaning of the Hydrafacial machine will make this economic benefit more sustainable.

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