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Professional Hydrafacial Machine for Sale 2023

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Many people who often enter a beauty salon have sought after Hydrafacial for its advantages of safe, noninvasive and strong clean power. And this resulted in the finding of a new profitable business for beauty salon owners. Meanwhile, buying a professional Hydrafacial machine becomes a major concern for salon owners. This article will give you information about professional Hydrafacial machine for sale.

Professional Hydrafacial Machine for Sale

There are many factors that need to consider before you start purchasing a professional Hydrafacial machine. The best professional Hydrafacial machine normally requires a hydra dermabrasion pen with vacuum suction, different available probe heads, strong clean power, easy operation touch screen, multifunctional handles, appropriate price, and good quality, etc.

  • Hydra Dermabrasion Pen with Vacuum Suction

With a special design of vortex shape head and a strong vacuum suction, the Hydra dermabrasion pen not only can clean the dirt and oil on the surface skin, but also can suck the dirt accretion deep in the follicle. Therefore, it can clear the pores, and removblackheads. And this is what the client wants basically when doing the Hydrafacial treatment.

  • Different Available Probe Heads

Different probe heads can deal with different skin problems and serve clients with skin texture. In every step during a Hydrafacial treatment process, the probe and probe head play an important part. The probe can inject the essence into the skin, helping the absorption of nutrients through the vortex suction technology, at the same time eliminating dirty things in the skin.

  • Multifunctional Handles

A Hydrafacial treatment normally includes the process of Clean, exfoliating and injecting nutrient serums into the skin. While a Hydrafacial machine equipped with multifunctional handles is convenient and worry-saving for both client and the beauty salon owner.

Hydrafacial Machine for Sale LB547 from Konmison

Here are the reasons why I recommend this 13 in 1 hydra oxygen facial machine to you.

LB547 hot bubble1


  • 13 operating handles in total. You can place them on multiple body areas or multiple muscle groups, it can fix up almost all skin problems!

—Hydra dermabrasion pen (hot bubble)+Skin scrubber+Oxygen bubble pen +Oxygen pen+Biopole RF (eye)+Bio roller* 2+Needle-free mesotherapy gun+Photon Bio Brush+Hot&cold hammer+Ultrasound probe+Multi-pole RF+Plasma shower

  • Big air pump & water pump to offer strong suction for facial clean
  • Hot bubbles to open pores and clean deeper
  • Simple operation—HD intelligent touch screen makes the machine easier to operate
  • Customized energy control system
  • Multifunctional— skin cleaning, lifting and tightening, wrinkle removal, reconstruction of skin ecosystem, etc.

More information about the best Hydrafacial machine in the market.

Professional Hydrafacial Machine Working Principle

A Hydrafacila machine uses a vortex tip device with suction to clean the pores and skin, and remove the dead skin, blackheads, and dirt. It mainly contains cleanse, exfoliate, extract. After the skin is exfoliated, serums are delivered into the skin, thus rejuvenating and refreshing the skin.

  • Hydra Dermabrasion

Use the power of water and oxygen with hot bubbles to open the pores and better clean the skin.

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  • Scrubber

High-frequency vibration removes dead skin and blackheads.

LB475 Hydra machine 11
  • Mesotherapy Gun

Spray water and oxygen and penetrate them into the deep muscle and skin to promote nutrient absorption

LB475 Hydra machine 14
  • Ultrasound

Use ultrasound vibration and cavitation to clean the dirt and dead cells.

LB475 Hydra machine 9
  • Photon Brush

Use the LED light of a specific wavelength directly on the facial skin to smooth the skin and improving skin elasticity by.

LB475 Hydra dermabrasion 1
  • Biopole RF

Heat the collagen fibers of the dermis to remove wrinkles, rejuvenate and lift skin.

rf radio frequency facial machine LB056B 5
  • Plasma Shower

Penetrate plasma into the skin to whiten the skin and remove acne.

LB547 hot bubble6
  • Hot & cold Hammer

Strengthen collagen fiber, make the skin become firm and elastic, smooth wrinkles and crow’s feet.

LB547 hot bubble15

Professional Hydrafacial Machine Price

How much does a professional Hydrafacial machine cost is one of the most frequently asked questions. Many factors can have an effect on the price of Hydrafacial machine, for example, the handle quantity, the technology it applies, portable or vertical style, etc.

Usually, for the most common see Hydrafacial machine that is portable with basic functions, it costs you about $200 to $500.

As for a vertical Hydrafacial machine with multiple operating handles, it cost you $500-$1000.

For Hydrafacial machine with a more complex structure and design, and technologies application, it may cost you $1500 to $3000.

If you want to know more about the price of the Hydrafacial machine, you can click on how much does a Hydrafacial machine cost.


Hydrafacial, widely known as a safe and effective method to clean the skin, remove acne and blackhead, is a non-invasive but useful skin cleaning treatment. Many people are still confused about the professional Hydrafacial machine, and this article has given you the most frequently asked questions about the Hydrafacial machine to help you to understand the machine better. If you are interested in knowing more about Hydrafacial machine, you can click on how to use Hydrafacial machine.

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