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  • LB613 hydra mesogun3
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10 in 1 Hydra Oxygen Mesotherapy Skin Peel Machine


  • 9 Operation Handles+ Adjustable PDT Lamp

  • Needle-Free Meso Gun with Newest TDA Tech

  • 48000 longitudinal+36000 Lateral Vibration Pointed Scubber

  • Noninvasive and effective

How it works

The Multifunctional Hydra Dermabrasion Machine is a versatile skincare device that offers various treatments.  While the high-pressure mesotherapy pistol injects nutritious chemicals into the skin, the hydra dermabrasion pen exfoliates and cleanses the skin. Deep cleaning and regeneration are offered by the bubble pen. Acne is lessened by the plasma shower, while pollutants are eliminated by the pointed skin scrubber. The EMS RF mesotherapy gun increases skin elasticity, the Bio Stimulation Finger Sleeve stimulates circulation, the ultrasound handle facilitates product absorption, the cold and hot hammer relaxes and tightens the skin, and the PDT therapy lamp targets different skin concerns with LED light therapy, offering complete skincare solutions.

LB613 hydra mesogun5


  • Skin deep cleaning & moisturizing

  • Dead skin& blackhead removal

  • Skin tightening&lifting

  • Skin whitening& Brightening

  • Wrinkle remova

  • Scalp& hair care

LB613 hydra mesogun17
LB613 hydra mesogun16

Main Features

LB613 hydra mesogun7

Hydra Dermabrasion Pen

Equipped with 4 hard and 4 soft suction tips for facial deeper cleaning, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

LB613 hydra mesogun8

Needleless Meso Gun

Injects Nano-size nutrition directly into the dermis with the power of high pressure, achieving immediate skin hydrating and brightening.

LB613 hydra mesogun6

Bubble Pen

LB613 hydra mesogun10

Pointed Skin Scrubber

Uses ultrasonic waves to remove impurities and dead skin cells, especially in narrow areas on the face.

LB613 hydra mesogun9

Plasma Shower

Equipped with 2 tips, it uses plasma energy to eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation, and reduce acne.

LB613 hydra mesogun11

LDM Ultrasonic Probe

Delivers ultrasonic waves for enhancing product absorption and improving skin tone.

LB613 hydra mesogun12

EMS RF Mesotherapy Gun

3 technology in 1:RF+EMS+ Micro-nanocrystalline, promoting nutrient absorption.

LB613 hydra mesogun13

Bio Stimulation Finger Sleeve

Uses a low-level micro current to stimulate the skin and facial muscles, promote lymphatic drainage, and enable the decomposition of fat.

LB613 hydra mesogun14

Cold and Hot Hammer

Cooling for shrinking pores and maintaining moisture and heating for releasing skin and stimulating blood circulation.

LB613 hydra mesogun15

Adjustable PDT Therapy Lamp

Featuring 1098 powerful lamp beads

Red light: Revitalizes and nourishes the skin, enhancing nutrient absorption.

Green light: Soothes the skin and speeds up pigment metabolism.

Blue light: Repairs acne and combats acne-causing bacteria.

Mixed light: Reduces inflammation and addresses cellulite concerns.

Machine Structure

LB613 hydra mesogun4

Machine Parameter

Model number LB613/ LB613B
Technology Hydra dermabrasion, Needle-Free Mesotherapy, ultrasound, plasma, oxygen bubble, microcurrent, cold&hot hammer
Handle quantity 9PCS+PDT lamp (LB613B)
Hydra dermabrasion tip 8PCS(4 hard+4 soft tips)
PDT lamp bead quantity (LB613B) 1098PCS
Voltage AC110V/220V; 50/ 60Hz
Display Touch screen
Package size/weight (LB613 main machine) 124.5*55*58CM/ 45.35KG
Package size/weight (LB613B PDT lamp) 80.5*30*37CM/ 6.5KG
Package size/weight (LB613B main machine) 124.5*55*58CM/ 43.5KG
High-Pressure Meso Gun
Injection depth 0.2mm–3.0mm
Dose 1ul-22ul
Injection interval 0.3s-2.0s
Syringe capacity 2.5ml

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