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4-Spectrum Follicle Scalp Skin Analysis Machine


  • High Resolution Imaging with 10 Million Pixels

  • 50x & 200x Detective Lens

  • Quad-split Screen Comparison Mode

  • White Light+ Polarized Light+ UV Light Detection

How it works

The device for detecting hair follicles and skin features utilizes 4-spectrum technology, incorporating a high-definition (HD) screen boasting 10 million pixels. It is equipped with two monitoring lenses that offer magnification capabilities of 200 times and 50 times, along with a UV camera. The operational process involves capturing high-resolution images with the lenses, enhancing visual quality through processing, and utilizing sophisticated detection algorithms to identify hair follicles and skin characteristics. Users can easily switch between lenses using a user-friendly interface and observe real-time results on the HD screen.

JC062 skin analyzer11


  • Scalp inflammation

  • Hair follicle blockage

  • Oil content

  • Scalp health index

JC062 skin analyzer9

Main Features

JC062 skin analyzer5

50x & 200x Detection Lens

Versatile magnification options, enabling users to view hair and skin features at different levels of detail.

JC062 skin analyzer6

3 Spectrum for 50x Detection Lens

White light+ polarized light+ UV light detection.

JC062 skin analyzer8

Quad-split Screen Mode

4 pictures for comparison of scalp or skin conditions in different areas.

Machine Structure

JC062 skin analyzer7

Machine Parameter

Model number JC062
HD screen 15-inch
Pixels 10 million
Resolution ratio 1024*768p
Handle quantity 1 PC
Detection lens 2 PCS (50x, 200x)
Material ABS Resins
Power 25W
Voltage 100-240V
Package size 45*35*15cm
Package weight 3.5kg

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