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Fractional RF Microneedle Machine


  • Delicate& popular model

  • Hand shank and crystal head

  • Display Screen

How it works

Fractional RF microneedle machine is a clever combination of crystallites and RF. Gold refers to the gold-plated film on the outer layer of the crystallites. During treatment, you can adjust the crystallite penetration depth and RF energy according to the lens and treatment site. Then, dozens of insulating crystallites rapidly penetrate the skin at the same time, emit radio frequency energy from the tips of the crystallites, and then quickly exit. Do this and repeat until treatment is complete. Finally, please apply the cosmetic ingredients.

rf microneedling devices 7


  • Remove wrinkles

  • Face firming and lifting

  • Shrink pores

  • Dark skin type

  • Skin whitening

  • Acne scar removal

RF machine before and after 1
RF machine before and after 2

Main Features

RF microneedle facial machine LB185 1

Display Screen

You can adjust the operating time, depth, speed, suction, and RF on the touch screen.

RF microneedle facial machine LB185(3)

Hand shank and crystal head

Disposable crystal head: disinfect with normal saline before using, you can place the probe in a small bowl, the alcohol can’t be higher than the probe. The probe mustn’t remain water before operating.

Machine Structure

RF microneedle facial machine LB185 2

Machine Parameter

Model Number LB185
RF Frequency 2-4MHZ
Power 200W
Treatment Probe 10p,25p,64p
Temperature 35-65 ℃
Needle Diameter 0.22
Vacuum 65kam
Warranty 1 year

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