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4 in 1 EMRF Electromagnetic Stimulation RF Face Lift Machine


  • Forehead+eyes+face+neck anti-aging

  • Pain-free, needle-free& non-invasive

  • 20 minutes only for one session

  • Disposable sticky operation pad

How it works

High-intensity electromagnetic skin stimulation: This modality stimulates muscular contractions by using electromagnetic waves. This method can sometimes be applied to strengthen and tone facial muscles as well as other muscles. The therapy has the potential to increase muscle tone and provide a lifted appearance in the treated area by causing involuntary muscle spasms.
Monopole RF: This is a non-invasive technique that heats the skin’s deeper layers using radiofrequency energy. Skin texture is improved, and sagging is decreased as a result of this heat’s stimulation of collagen formation and tightening of preexisting collagen fibres. The fundamental idea is that carefully heating the skin’s lower layers sets off a wound-healing reaction that results in tighter skin and collagen remodelling.

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  • Smooth forehead lines

  • Elevate apple cheeks

  • Reduce eye bags&crow’s feet

  • Enhance skin elasticity

  • Face lifting & tightening

  • Double chin removal

GN529B EMRF face lift6
GN529B EMRF face lift7

Main Features

GN529B EMRF face lift9

A Full Face Anti-age Treatment

It is effective for forehead, eyes, cheeks, and chin skin anti-aging treatment within 20 minutes for one course.

GN529B EMRF face lift10

EMS+RF Technologies

By inducing involuntary muscle contractions and delivering RF energy, the treatment can potentially lead to improved muscle tone and a lifted appearance in the treated area.

Machine Structure

GN529B EMRF face lift8

Machine Parameter

Model number GN529B
Technology High-intensity electromagnetic stimulation+RF
Operation area Forehead +eyes+facial+chin
Pad quantity 5 forehead pads+5 left-eye pads+5 right-eye pads+10 facial pads+5 chin pads
Negative plate 1 PC
Emergency stop handle 1 PC
Proximity card 1 PC (15 times unlimited use)
Operation system 3-Way Output+Single Working System
Display 15-inch touch screen
RF frequency 1-4 MHz
Power input 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power 100-200W
Package size 56*50*116cm
Package weight 42kg

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