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Dual Control 20000 Shots Cartridges 7d HIFU Machine


  • Newest dual control

  • 7 different cartridges

  • 20,000 shots per cartridge

  • 2.0mm 5.5MHz eye cartridge

  • Multiple treated areas

  • 2 working modes

  • Safe and professional

How it works

The 7d hifu machine can accurately transfers heat energy to the epidermis, fascia and collagen layers of the treatment area. The temperature of the target area will rise to 70-80°C. This helps to stimulate collagen contraction and regeneration to improve muscle structure and increase skin elasticity. The machine has two vaginal probes with different depths, which precisely concentrate energy on the vaginal collagen layer and fascia layer, thereby promoting the regeneration of vaginal collagen fibers and the contraction of fascia, so that the vagina becomes tender and firm.

7d hifu machine GN250 6


  • Remove eyebages

  • Reduce forehead wrinkle& nasolabial folds

  • Reduce neck lines

  • Remove double chin

  • Remove stretch marks

  • Lift & tighten skin

  • Increase skin elasticity

  • Firm abs& lifte buttocks

RF Machin LB056 1
GN250 HIFU before and after3

Main Features

7d hifu machine GN250 5

2 operating handles

You can treat 2 customers at the same time since it has 2 handles and 7 different sizes of probes.

7d hifu machine GN250 8

7 cartridges of different depths

Different sizes of probes can go to different depths of the skin. You can choose different probes according to your customers’ needs.

7d hifu machine GN250 7

20,000 shots

The number of shots means the long lifespan of the machine. 20,000 shots for face & body life. 10,000 shots for vaginal life.

Machine Structure


GN250 hifu structure 1

GN250 hifu structure 2

Machine Parameter

Model Number GN250
Handle quantity 2 pcs
Cartridge quantity 7 pcs
Depth 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 13mm
Length 5-25mm
Input Voltage SC100V-240V
Package Size 54x49x37cm
Gross Weight 18 kg

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