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2 in 1 RF Facial Beauty Machine


  • Popular model

  • 2 in 1 technology

  • 5 operation modes

  • Protable and convenient

How it works

The 5mhz RF energy of rf facial machine heats evenly and penetrates deep into the dermis and underlying tissue. When the collagen and fibers in the dermis are heated to 45°C-60°C. The skin will be tightened immediately, and the collagen will continue to increase, achieving the effect of permanent wrinkle removal and eternal youth. RF energy is thus able to penetrate the skin and stimulate skin contraction and collagen production. Radio frequency devices can penetrate different skin depths. It will help your customers to solve different skin problems.

RF Machin LB056 4


  • Skin Rejuvenation

  • Stimulate Metabolism

  • Wrinkle Removal

  • Dark Circle Removal

  • Restores Elasticity

RF machine before and after 1
RF machine before and after 2

Main Features

RF Machin LB056 2

2 in 1 technology

This machine combines IPL and RF to achieve skin rejuvenation, stimulating metabolism,  wrinkle removal, and dark circle removal.

RF Machin LB056 3

5 operation modes

There are five modes you can choose that will help you to meet different customers’ needs.

Machine Structure

RF Machin LB056 6

Machine Parameter

Model LB056
Voltage 110-240V  50-60Hz
RF frequency 5MHz
Probe 2pcs
RF frequency 0.5-1MHz
Gross weight 4kg
Package size 28*28*13cm

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