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6 in 1 Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Machine with Visual Hydra Probe


  • Visual probe on hydra dermabrasion pen

  • 6 different operating handles

  • Adjustable operation parameters

  • Hydra dermabrasion probe (LB587B): 2 visual probes+ 3 ordinary probes

How it works

This 6 in 1 hydra dermabrasion machine is equipped with 6 operation handles, which combine 6 technologies, including hydra dermabrasion, oxygen spray, cold hammer, RF, ultrasound, and skin scrubber. Especially the hydra dermabrasion pen uses the power of vacuum suction with hot bubble water can better open the pores so that the skin can be deeply cleaned. Meanwhile, it is equipped with visual probes so the real skin condition and the cleaning process can be clearly seen. Besides, the oxygen spray gun can be used to deliver skincare products directly to the skin. With ultrasound and RF, it can open up the pores and increase blood circulation to remove wrinkles and improve nutrient absorption.

LB587 hydradermabrasion12


  • Skin deep cleaning & moisturizing

  • Dead skin& blackhead removal

  • Skin whitening & brightening

  • Skin firming & lifting

  • Nourish & refresh skin

Hydrafacial machine before and after 2
Hydrafacial machine before and after 7

Main Features

LB587 hydradermabrasion9 1

Hydra dermabrasion pen (with visual probe)

For facial deeper cleaning with strong vacuum suction and supper bubble water, effective for blackhead and dead skin removal.

LB587 hydradermabrasion8 1

Oxygen spray gun

For injecting the essence deep into the skin so that it can promote the absorption of skin nutrients and enhance skin elasticity.

LB587 hydradermabrasion5

Cold hammer

Cool the skin, shrink pores and maintain moisture. Also for calming the skin and reducing skin inflammation.

LB587 hydradermabrasion6

Ultrasound handle

For promoting skin nutrition absorption and skin metabolism with high frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves.

LB587 hydradermabrasion10

Bipolar RF

Heat the collagen fibers of dermis to a certain temperature in order to lift and tighten skin.

LB587 hydradermabrasion7

Skin scrubber

Using ultrasonic high frequency vibration to remove dirt and clean the skin.

Machine Structure

LB587 hydradermabrasion13

Machine Parameter

Product name 6 in 1 Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Machine with Visual Hydra Probe
Model number LB587/ LB587B
Technology Hydra dermabrasion+ Oxygen spray+ Bipolar RF+ Ultrasound+ Vibration+ Cold hammer+ Visual Probe
Handle quantity 6PCS
Hydra dermabrasion probe (LB587B) Standard: 5PCS (2 visual probes+ 3 ordinary probes)
Hydra dermabrasion probe(LB587) 11pcs (8 hard tips& 3 soft tips )
Voltage 100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Touch screen 7-inch touch screen
Package size 100*44*35cm
Package weight 20kg

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