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  • GN530 emrf face lift

Portable EMS RF Muscle Stimulation Face Lift Machine



  • Muscle +30%

  • Wrinkle -37%

  • Lift +23%

How it works

Utilizing high-intensity electromagnetic skin stimulation involves the application of electromagnetic waves to provoke involuntary muscle contractions. This method is employed to enhance muscle tone and strength, including the muscles of the face. By inducing these involuntary muscle contractions, this treatment has the potential to lead to improved muscle firmness and a lifted appearance in the targeted area.

Monopole RF is a non-invasive procedure that harnesses radiofrequency energy to elevate the temperature of the skin’s deeper layers. This controlled heat exposure triggers increased collagen production and tightens the existing collagen fibers, resulting in enhanced skin texture and reduced sagging. The fundamental principle lies in the controlled heating of the skin’s deeper layers, which initiates a wound-healing response, ultimately leading to collagen remodeling and skin tightening.

GN530 emrf face lift 4


  • Smooth forehead lines

  • Elevate apple cheeks

  • ace lifting & tightening

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Increase muscle tone

  • Enhance skin elasticity

LB472 M6 hydra15
LB472 M6 hydra14

Main Features

GN530 emrf face lift5

3 Operation Pads

3 pads for a full-face anti-aging treatment in order to emove forehead lines, reduce crow’s feet, and lift apple cheeks.

Machine Structure

GN530 emrf face lift7

Machine Parameter

Model number GN530
Technology High-intensity electromagnetic stimulation+RF
Pad quantity 10 facial pads+ 5 forehead pads
Negative plate 1 PC
Proximity card 1 PC (15 times unlimited use)
Display 15-inch touch screen
RF frequency 1-4 MHz
Power input 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power 100-200W
Package size 40*43*42cm
Package weight 13kg

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