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14 Laser Pads Weight Loss Body Slimming Machine


  • 14pcs laser pads

  • No pain, no scar

  • Easy operation

  • Long-lasting effect

  • 5-20 minutes treatment, not affect daily life and work

  • Almost suitable for all kinds of skin

How it works

This laser slimming machine includes 14 laser pads that can break down the stored triglycerides and then turn them into free fatty acids, glycerol, and water molecules. Finally, they will be expelled from the body. In this process, you may not feel pain or leave a scar. It costs 5–20 minutes for treatment and does not affect daily life or work.

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  • Fat burning

  • Weight loss

  • Promote metabolism and blood circulation

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Anti-aging

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Main Features

laser slimming machine JF611 6

Touch screen

It is easy to use with a large touch screen. The easy operation will help you save time to treat more customers.

laser slimming machine JF611 4

14pcs laser pads

The machine provides enough laser pads to treat the whole body or use it for different customers at the same time.

Machine Structure

laser slimming machine JF611 5

Machine Parameter

Type JF611
Laser wave length 635-650nm
Maximum output power 400W
Output frequency 1-1000Hz adjustable
Power 150W
Voltage 110-240V
Working temperature 10-40℃
Laser pads 14pcs
Gross weight 9.1kg
Packing size 38*45*38cm
Warranty 12 months

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