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  • GN533 8D HIFU1
  • GN533 8D HIFU2
  • GN533 8D HIFU4
  • GN533 8D HIFU3
  • GN533 8D HIFU5

2 in 1 8D Hifu Skin Tightening Anti-aging Machine


  • FL 8D Handle+SD 360° Handle

  • Cartridge Identify System

  • 20,000 Shots + 40,000 Shots

  • Face lifting and Body firming

How it works

High-intensity ultrasonic waves are emitted by the machine, focusing on particular target points to ensure exact treatment, and they penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin. The SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) and other deep foundational layers of the skin are thermally coagulated in small, precisely regulated zones by the concentrated ultrasonic radiation. Additionally, the thermal coagulation zones produce a localised heating effect that prompts the skin’s normal wound healing response. This reaction, which also results in the synthesis of new collagen fibres, tightens and lifts the treated areas.

GN533 8D HIFU6


  • Anti-wrinkle& anti-aging

  • Reduce crow’s feet

  • Lift& firm skin

  • Improve sagging skin

  • Remove turkey neck

  • Reduce cellulite

hifu beauty machine 7
hifu beauty machine 6

Main Features

GN533 8D HIFU7

FL 8D Handle

Output mode: single-row+ multi-row

Application: face area+body treatment

Available Cartridges:

S1.5/ S3.0/ S4.5mm; W3/ W6/ W13mm (standard)

S2.0mm; W4.5/ W5.5/ W9/ W12mm(optional)

GN533 8D HIFU8

SD 360° Handle

Output mode: Annular output with 8 dots; 4 dots output; Single dot output

Application: small facial area

Available Cartridges:

R1.5/ R3.0mm (standard)


Machine Structure

GN533 8D HIFU9

Machine Parameter

Product name 2 in 1 8D Hifu Skin Tightening Anti-aging Machine
Model number GN533
Technology High-intensity focused ultrasound
Handle quantity 2 PCS (FL 8D handle+SD 360° handle )
Display 15-inch touch screen
Voltage AC110V-240V, 50HZ/60HZ
Power 0-90VA
Cart package size (optional) 61.5*58*89.5cm
Cart package weight (optional) 24kg
Package size 51*64*31cm
Package weight 22kg
FL 8D Handle
Available cartridge S1.5/ S3.0/ S4.5mm (standard)

S2.0mm (optional);

W3/ W6/ W13mm (standard)

W4.5/ W5.5/ W9/ W12mm(optional)

Handel shots 20,000 shots
Cartridge frequency 4MHz/ 7MHz (cartridge S1.5, S2.0mm)
Maximum output 8 lines
Output mode Multi-row/ Single-row
SD 360°Handle
Available cartridge R1.5/ R3.0mm (standard)


Handel shots 40,000 shots
Output mode 8 annular dots/ 4 dots / single dot

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