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Gold Fractional RF 8mm Microneedling Skin Beauty Machine


  • 2 handles+4 tips (10p, 24p, 40p, nano)

  • 7mm needle depth+ 1mm thermal transfer

  • Adjustable needle depth: 0.5~ 7mm

  • Explosive mode: Layered depth treatment

  • 0.22mm needle shaft & 0.1mm needle end

How it works

This device combines radiofrequency energy with microneedles. Insulated needles gently pierce the epidermis while simultaneously releasing RF energy. By triggering collagen synthesis and boosting nutrient absorption, this carefully calibrated RF emission activates the skin’s natural healing process, firming and revitalising the skin. The procedure also aids in the control of sebum, the reduction of irritation, and the eradication of acne.
Most crucially, in order to provide a more effective anti-aging treatment, the microneedles are able to produce radiofrequency radiation while remaining at a set depth as they exit the skin.

RF microneedle facial machine LB185(3)


  • Anti-aging Refine skin texture

  • Improves skin sagging

  • Skin lifting and firming

  • Fades acne scars and marks

  • Diminish fine lines

  • Reduce neck wrinkles

RF Machin LB056 1
RF Machin LB056 5

Main Features

LB560 gold RF microneedle11

RF Microneedle Handle*2

Create little channels for nutrient absorption and stimulate collagen generation. Lift and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, remove acne and stretchmarks.

LB560 gold RF microneedle5

4 Microneedle Tips

12Pins for narrow areas, 24Pins for facial and neck areas, 40Pins for body areas, and Nano for skin firming.

LB560 gold RF microneedle6

2 Needle Movement Modes

Fixed Mode+Explosive Mode

With 7mm needle depth and 1mm thermal transfer, it achieves an effective depth of 8mm, firming and revitalizing the skin.

Machine Structure

LB560 gold RF microneedle8

Machine Parameter

Model number LB560
Technology RF, Microneedling
Display 15-inch touch screen
Type Plug-in
Voltage AC110V~230V±10%, 50Hz- 60Hz
Handle quantity 2 PCS
Microneedle tip 4 PCS (10p, 24p, 40p, nano)
Proximity card 1 PC (15 times unlimited use)
Adjustable Needle depth 0.5-7mm
RF frequency 4MHz
Power 10-300W
Package size 40*43*42cm
Package weight 12.5kg

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