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  • 4d hifu machine GN038 2

2 in 1 4d Hifu Machine


  • 3 in 1: 4D multi-line+ ultrasonic+ vagina detection

  • Fixed-point + 360° dead-angle free technology

  • Painless and totally safe

  • Long-term effect of 18-24 months after one treatment

  • 360°automatic rotation of the vagina probe to ensure precise shot

How it works

This 4d hifu machine uses high-energy focused ultrasound to generate 10,000 spots to accurately focus energy on the epidermis, fascia, and collagen layers. When he reaches the SMAS layer, it causes the collagen to contract immediately, stimulates collagen regeneration and reorganization, and builds a new network of collagen fibers. It enhances skin elasticity and solves the problem of sagging skin. It precisely penetrates ultrasonic energy into the 4.5mm fascia layer to promote muscle growth, help shape muscles and stabilize the skin. Before using this machine, the probes need to be disinfected and wiped. Then apply some gel to the target area. Choose the probe properly according to your customers. It is recommended to start with 1.5mm and then 3 or 4.5mm.

3d hifu machine LB298 6


  • Face lifting

  • Body slimming

  • Vagina tightening

  • Vagina detection

Main Features

4d hifu machine GN038 1

3 in 1: 4D multi-line+ ultrasonic+ vagina detection

4D HIFU has 12 lines of one press with 10000 shots for each probe. The machine offers two standard vagina probes for you to choose from (3mm and 4.5mm).

4d hifu machine GN038 2

Different sizes of probes

Different probes have different functions. This multinational machine could meet the majority of customers’ needs. It can remove wrinkles, lift the face, anti-aging, etc.

Machine Structure

4d hifu machine GN038

Machine Parameter

Model Number GN038
Handle 2 pcs and 1 tube for vagina detection
Shots of cartridge 10,000 shots
Vagina handle 2pcs:3.0mm/4.5mm
Fuse 5A
Input Voltage SC100V-240V
Package Size 53x47x34cm
Gross Weight 17 kg

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