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3 in 1 80K Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Slimming Machine


  • Patented design

  • Compact size

  • 80K Cavitation + Vacuum RF+ Quadrupole RF

  • Skin Tightening + Body Slimming

How it works

80KHz cavitation: High frequency ultrasonic wave is applied to induce the cavitation effect. Ultrasonic energy will selectively break down fat tissue, causing less tissue damage.

Vacuum RF: Vacuum negative pressure is used to suck up the skin, and with the handle moving on the body, the fat cells are squeezed, massaged, and exercised to achieve the effect of weight loss. With RF energy, it can achieve better results of dissolving cellulite.

Quadrupole RF: Produce heat and transmit thermal energy into the dermis layer, which encourages the creation of collagen. Thus firming and tightening the skin.

JF824 80Kcavitation9


  • Body slimming & contouring

  • Skin tightening& lifting

  • Wrinkle removal

  • Improving skin elasticity

  • Promote lymphatic detox

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Main Features

JF824 80Kcavitation4

80K Cavitation Handle

Treatment Areas: arms, legs, shoulders, belly, back, etc.

Functions: fat reduction, calorie burning, and fat blasting.

JF824 80Kcavitation5

Vacuum RF Handle

Treatment Areas: arms, legs, shoulders, belly, back, etc.

Functions: reduce local fat , relax muscles, relieve fatigue, firm and lift skin, reduce wrinkles, and promote lymphatic detoxification.

JF824 80Kcavitation6

Quadrupole RF Handle

Treatment Areas: face

Functions: dissolves fat, detoxifies lymph, tightens skin, and enhances skin elasticity.

Machine Structure

JF824 80Kcavitation7

JF824 80Kcavitation8

Machine Parameter

Product name 3 in 1 80K Cavitation Vacuum RF Body Slimming Machine
Model number JF824
Technology 80K cavitation + Vacuum RF+ Quadrupole RF
Handle quantity 3pcs
Type Desktop
Voltage 100-240V
Cavitation frequency 80Khz
Display Touch screen
Product size 30.5*27*26cm

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