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Portable 6 in 1 80K Cavitation Lipolaser Slimming Machine


  • 5 technologies in 1

  • 80K cavitation

  • 9 optional languages

  • Smaller main unit

  • Automatic frequency adjustment

How it works

This lipolaser slimming machine combines 5 technologies, including 80K Cavitation, vacuum RF, multi-pole RF, Lipo laser, and LED light therapy. Especially the 80K cavitation, in which the high-frequency ultrasonic vibrates fat cells at top speed to promote cells’ motivation to reduce fat, resulting in introverted blasts without harming surrounding tissues. Meanwhile, with the other 4 technologies, this machine is effective for promoting blood circulation and metabolism, reducing local fat, reducing wrinkles, and firming skin.

JF801 80K lipolaser7


  • Body slimming& shaping

  • Skin lifting& firming

  • Reduce wrinkles & Remove dark circles

  • Relax muscle & Relieve fatigue

  • Lymphatic detox & Body massage

RF Machin LB056 1
Lipo Laser Cavitation Machines JF679 11

Main Features

JF779 9in1 80k cavitation8

80K Cavitation Handle

It uses high-frequency ultrasonics to vibrate fat cells at top speed to promote cells’ motivation. Help to reduce fat,  introvert blast without harming surrounding tissues.

JF779 9in1 80k cavitation7

Vacuum RF Handle

Combine the technologies of vacuum negative suction and RF, effective for reducing local fat, promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

JF779 9in1 80k cavitation6

Sextupole RF Handle

Can be used on arms, legs, abdomen, belly, back and waist, etc. Effective for reducing local fat, firming the skin, and reducing wrinkles.

JF779 9in1 80k cavitation5

Quadrupole RF Handle

Can be used on the face and neck. Effective for lift and firming skin, reducing facial wrinkles and necklines

JF779 9in1 80k cavitation4

Tripole RF Handle

Can be used on the face, especially the skin area around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Effective for reducing crow’s feet, dark circles, and under-eye bags.

JF776 80Kcavitation10 1

Lipo Laser Plate

8 laser plates in total, including 6 large ones and 2 small ones. Effective for reducing fat, body shaping and slimming.

Machine Structure

JF801 80K Cavitation body slim

Machine Parameter

Product name Portable 6 in 1 80K Cavitation Lipolaser Slimming Machine
Model number JF801
Technology 80K Cavitation, vacuum RF, multi-pole RF,  Lipolaser, LED light therapy
Handle quantity 5PCS
Lipolaser plates 8pcs (6 big ones + 2 small ones)
Type Plug-in
Voltage DC24V 5A
Screen color Pink
Current 5A (50Hz/ 60Hz)
Cavitation frequency 80K
Product size 22*13* 23cm
Product weight 3kg

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