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650nm 940nm 5D Maxlipo Pain Therapy Body Slimming Machine


  • 650nm and 940nm light

  • 5 treatment pads

  • Pain therapy

  • Body contouring

How it works

Maxlipo laser light: 650nm and 940nm lights are applied to penetrate the skin and reach the underlying fat cells, which is then absorbed by the fat cells. As a result of the absorption of specific light, the temporary pores in the fat cell membrane allow the stored triglycerides (fat) to be released into the surrounding interstitial space. Once the fat is released from the fat cells, it is believed to be metabolized and processed by the body’s natural mechanisms.

GL052 Maxlipo 11


  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Body slimming

  • Promote blood circulation

  • Relieve pain& muscles

360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 14
360 cryolipolysis machine JF549 13

Main Features

GL052 Maxlipo 9

5 Treatment Pads

  1. 2 small-size treatment pads, 2 middle-size treatment pads, and 1 large-size treatment pad for whole body treatment

GL052 Maxlipo 4

2 Wavelengths of Light

650nm and 940nm, to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite

GL052 Maxlipo 1

8-inch Touch Screen

User-friendly interface, easy to operate.

Machine Structure

GL052 maxlipo slim

Machine Parameter

Product name 650nm 940nm 5D Maxlipo Pain Therapy Body Slimming Machine
Model number GL052
Technology Maxlipo light
Touch screen 8-inch Touch Screen
Wavelength 650nm, 940nm
Treatment pads 5PCS (1 large, 2 medium, 2 small)
Quantities of lamps 1086PCS with 5PCS Light pads
Lamp energy 200MW
Working mode Continuous and Pulse
Lamp type Low intensity diode
Cooling system Air Cooling
Voltage 100-130V/200V-230V; 50Hz-60Hz
Machine package size 40*42*32cm
Cart package size 60*68*36cm
G. W. Host:6kg; Cart and Pads:15kg

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