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  • GN110 2handles EMSlim

4 in 1 EMS RF Slim Muscle Toning Body Sculpting Machine


  • MAX 4 handles+pelvic floor pad

  • Output energy up to 5000W

  • EMS+RF 2 technologies in 1

  • Versatile application areas

How it works

This body-sculpting device combines EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and RF (Radio Frequency) technology. It does this by raising the fat layer to particular levels, which essentially ruptures fat cells and makes them easier for the body to get rid of. Concurrently, the apparatus initiates a dynamic cycle of muscle contraction and expansion, providing a strenuous exercise that significantly alters the internal structure of the muscles. This dual-action method provides a complete body contouring treatment by shaping and sculpting the body in addition to reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

ems working principle


  • Body shaping

  • Muscle toning

  • Body sculpting

  • Fat removal

  • Buttock lifting

body sculpting machine before and after 2
body sculpting machine before and after 1

Main Features

GN110 EMS Slim 1

Big Handle*2

  • Abdomen: Targets the abdominal muscles, helping to tone and sculpt the midsection for a flatter and more defined stomach.
  • Buttocks: Stimulates the muscles in the buttocks region, aiding in lifting, firming, and shaping the buttocks for a more sculpted appearance.
  • Thighs: Focuses on the thigh muscles, assisting in toning and tightening the thighs for improved contour and definition.

GN110 EMS Slim 2

Small Handle*2

  • Arms: Works on the muscles of the arms, assisting in reducing flabbiness and tightening the skin for more toned and defined arms.
  • Buttocks: Similar to the big handle, targets the muscles of the buttocks region to enhance firmness and shape.
  • Calves: Aims to tone and tighten the muscles of the calves, aiding in achieving more sculpted and defined lower legs.

GN110 EMS Slim 3

Optional Pelvic Floor Pad

  • Postpartum recovery: Helps in the rehabilitation and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth, aiding in the recovery process.
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles: Targets the muscles of the pelvic floor to enhance strength, which can be beneficial for overall pelvic health and function.
  • Enhance sexual function: By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, it may contribute to improved sexual function and satisfaction for individuals experiencing issues related to pelvic floor weakness.

Machine Structure


Machine Parameter

Model number GN110/GN110B/GN110C/GN110D
Technology RF + EMS
Pad quantity 2PCS / 4PCS + pelvic floor pad (optional)
Output voltage 5000W
Output intensity 13 Tesla
Frequency 5-100Hz
Voltage 100-220V, 50/60Hz
Display 15.6-inch touch screen
Cooling system Air cooling
Package size 55*59*124cm
Package weight 70kg

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