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Vacuum Roller Massage Vela Body Shape Machine


  • Body roller+ Face vacuum roller+ M30 body roller

  • 15-inch touch screen

  • 2.8-inch touch screen on body handle

  • Mechanical vacuum roller massage

  • Face tightening+ body slimming


  • Skin firming& tightening

  • Enhance skin elasticity

  • Double chin removal

  • Body shaping& slimming

  • Body massage& muscle release

  • Promote lymphatic detoxification

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RF machine before and after 2

Main Features

JF815 Vacuum Roller7

Body Roller Handle

The body roller handle is equipped with 3 available heads. The 80mm Roller is for larger body parts, such as thigh, buttock, abdomen, and back, etc. 70mm Roller is for moderate size of body areas, such as thigh, abdomen, and waist, etc. And the 50mm Roller is for small and hard to reach body areas, such as shoulder, arm, and calf, etc.

JF815 Vacuum Roller8

Face Vacuum Handle

The face vacuum handle is equipped with 2 heads. The large face vacuum head is suitable for larger facial areas, such as cheeks and neck. And the small face vacuum head is suitable for narrative facial areas, such as eye areas, lip, and fingers, etc.

JF815 Vacuum Roller9

M30 Body Roller Handle

The M30 body roller is a complementation of the body roller handle for small and narrow body parts treatment.

Machine Structure

JF815 Vacuum Roller6

Machine Parameter

Model number JF815
Technology Vacuum roller
Handle quantity 3 PCS (Face vacuum handle+ Body vacuum roller+ M30 body roller)
Operating head 3 body roller heads+ 2 face vacuum heads
Display 15-inch touch screen on the machine

2.8-inch touch screen on body handle

Vacuum 10-70 KPa
Roller speed 60-300 RPM
Voltage AC110V-220V
Package size 65*64*118cm
Package weight 85kg

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