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Vela Magic Line 3d RF Body Slimming Machine


  • 10 RF intensity levels

  • 3 LED modes

  • 4 vacuum modes

  • Strong suction

How it works

This 3d rf body slimming machine combines several technologies together to achieve multiple treatment effects.

Vacuum RF: tighten and lift skin, smooth wrinkles, relieve muscle tension and accelerate fat dissolving by promoting collagen regeneration with thermal energy and vacuum massage.

High frequency vibration: promote collagen production to tighten and lift skin, accelerate blood circulation.

LED: penetrate into different skin layer with different wavelength to enhance cell vitality, improve skin texture, lift skin.

rf body slimming JF252Cmachine 6


  • Fat reduction

  • Body shaping

  • Skin lifting

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Muscle tension relieving

  • Improving skin elasticity

  • Promoting blood circulation

  • Lymphatic drainage

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Main Features

rf body slimming JF252Cmachine 2

Combine multiple technologies

This machine combines vacuum, RF, LED, and high frequency. It is a multifunctional slimming machine.

rf body slimming JF252Cmachine 3

3 handpieces for different areas

The large probe can be used for the belly and back. The medium one is used for arms, legs and chest, etc. The small one is for facial area treatment.

Machine Structure

rf body slimming JF252Cmachine 4

Machine Parameter

Model number JF252C
Type Plug-in
Voltage AC110-240V 50-60Hz
Technology Vacuum,RF,LED,high frequency
Probe 3pcs(large, medium, small)
LED 3 colors(red, green, blue)
Mode 2 modes
Package dimension 86*44.5*29cm
Package weight 14kg

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