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Air Pressure Wave Slimming Machine with Trousers


  • Aesthetic Compression Therapy

  • Promote Lymphatic Drainage

  • Leg Curve Improvement

  • Muscle Relaxing

  • Body Slimming

How it works

Air pressure wave therapy: The trousers employ air pressure to massage the legs, which promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation. Cellulite appearance and skin tone and texture are both improved as a result of the enhanced circulation.

JF783 Pressotherapy6


  • Reduce cellulite

  • Thin legs

  • Tone buttocks

  • Enhance muscle elasticity

  • Promote lymphatic drainage

JF823 fat freezing13
JF823 fat freezing12

Main Features

JF783 Pressotherapy12

Adjustable Modes and Pressure Levels

There 4 optional massage modes and 9 pressure intensity levels in total. And you can choose the mode and pressure level you want to achieve a more comfortable treatment.

JF783 Pressotherapy7

16 independent air chambers in the pants

A full range of pressotherapy treatment for the legs, effectively promote blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification.

Machine Structure

JF783 Pressotherapy8

JF783 Pressotherapy9

Machine Parameter

Product name Air Pressure Wave Slimming Machine with Trousers
Model number JF783
Technology Air pressure wave therapy
Output voltage AC110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power 400W
Air pressure 20~360 mmHg
Mode 4 modes
Display LCD Screen
Air pump max intensity 48KPa
Pressure intensity 9 levels
Air chamber quantity 16PCS
Package size 45*45*35cm
Package weight 13kg

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