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5 in 1 EMT EMS Muscle Building Body Sculpting Machine


  • 3 body pads+ handheld body handle+ handheld face handle

  • Multiple muscle training modes

  • Handle life extends to more than 6000h

  • Lying for 30 minutes = 5.5 hours of exercise

How it works

The device utilises EMS and EMT technology. It produces potent, high-intensity electromagnetic energy that targets underlying muscles by penetrating the skin and fat layers. Intense muscle spasms brought on by electromagnetic energy are unable to produce voluntarily (during exercise, for example). The muscle tissue is rapidly and deeply remodelled as a result of these contractions. The surrounding fat cells have a metabolic reaction as a result of the forceful muscular contractions. Fat cells in the treated area gradually break down and decrease as a result of this metabolic stress.

GN528 EMS slim principle


  • Face firming

  • Body shaping

  • Muscle building

  • Buttock lifting

  • Abdomen firming

  • Cellulite removal

GN528 EMS slim 12
GN528 EMS slim 13

Main Features

GN528 EMS slim 10

EMT EMS Body Pad

Treatment area: abdomen, waist, and buttock

GN528 EMS slim 9

EMT Body Pad

Treatment area: abdomen, thigh, and buttock

GN528 EMS slim 7

Curve EMT EMS Body Pad

Treatment area: arms, thigh, lower legs, and shoulders

GN528 EMS slim 11

Handheld Body Handle

Treatment area: belly, love handles, upper arms, back, and calves

GN528 EMS slim 8

Handheld Face Handle

Treatment area: face, cheeks, and under chin

Machine Structure

GN528 EMS slim3 1

Machine Parameter

Model number GN528
Technology EMS+ EMT
Operation pad 5PCS
Belt quantity 4 (1.5m*1, 0.8m*1, 0.75m*2)
Display Touch screen
Power input 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 3600VA
Cooling system Air-cooling & water-cooling
Package size 62.5*73*149.7cm
Package weight 124kg

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