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  • JF870 G9 vibration 2
  • JF870 G9 vibration 4
  • JF870 G9 vibration 3
  • JF870 G9 vibration 1
  • JF869 G9

4 in 1 40K Cavitation Vacuum Heating G9 Vibration Massage Slimming Machine


  • Body Massager+Body Slimming

  • 40K Cavitation+Meridian Brush

  • G9 Massager + Vacuum Heating

  • 5 Vibration Massage Heads

How it works

40k cavitation: The body’s lymphatic system metabolises and removes the smaller fat particles by using ultrasonic waves at a frequency of 40kHz to produce microscopic bubbles in the fat tissue.

Vacuum heating: The purpose of the heated vacuum probe is to encourage lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Furthermore, the additional heat may aid in toning the body and releasing excess moisture from it.

G9 vibration massage: The premise behind vibration therapy is that the lymphatic system, which is in charge of eliminating waste and toxins from the body, can be stimulated by mechanical vibrations. It works well to reduce cellulite and relax muscles.

Meridian brush: It uses light strokes along the meridians of the body. The brush balances the body’s energy flow and enhances general well-being by stimulating these meridians.

JF689E G5 principle


  • Body shaping& slimming

  • Cellulite elimination

  • Body massage

  • Relax muscles& Relive fatigue

  • Lymphatic detoxification

  • Promote metabolism& blood circulation

JF870 G9 vibration6
JF870 G9 vibration7

Main Features

JF870 G9 vibration5

2 Optional Models

JF869 G9 2 in 1

Vibration massage handle+Vacuum heating handle

JF870 G9 4 in 1

Vibration massage handle+Vacuum heating handle+40K handle+Meridian brush

JF870 G9 vibration4

G9 Vibration Massage Handle


  • Utilizes mechanical vibrations for muscle relaxation.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification.
  • Reduces cellulite and relieves tension.

JF870 G9 vibration1

Vacuum Heating Handle


  • Combines vacuum suction and heat therapy.
  • Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Helps dissolve cellulite and firm sagging skin.

JF870 G9 vibration2

40K Cavitation Handle


  • Breaks down fat cells.
  • Helps sculpt the body and reduce localized fat deposits.

JF870 G9 vibration3

Meridian Brush


  • Stimulates meridian points to promote overall wellness.
  • Enhances circulation and prepares the body for slimming treatments.

Machine Structure

JF870 G9 vibration8

Machine Parameter

Model number JF869 (2 in 1)/ JF870 (4 in 1)
Technology 40k cavitation+Vibration+ Vacuum+ Heating+Meridian brush
Handle quantity 2PCS (JF869)/ 4PCS (JF870)
Massage head 5PCS
Ultrasound frequency 40KHz
Vacuum heating probe 1PCS
Type Vertical
Voltage AC110V/220V 50/60HZ
Color White&black

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