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  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine JF245C
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Home Use 40k Fat Cavitation Machine


  • Popular model

  • 40KHz high frequency vibration

  • Simple to operate

  • Safe and non-invasive

  • Applicable for whole body areas

How it works

The 40k fat cavitation machine with 40KHZ strong sonic wave head which enters the subcutaneous fat cells of the body by emitting sound waves, forming bubbles around the fat deposits in the skin. The bubbles will burst to break down cell debris and free fat. Cellulite is broken down into the interstitium and lymphatic system, where it is expelled. Fat deposits are converted to glycerol and free fatty acids, and free fat released is metabolized to the liver via lymph and blood. It is then excreted as waste. thereby achieving the effect of weight loss. Meanwhile, the high-frequency vibration will enhance the vitality of skin cells to tighten, lift and firm the skin.

ultrasonic cavitation machine JF245C 6


  • Fat dissolving

  • Body slimming

  • Body shaping

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Main Features

ultrasonic cavitation machine JF245C 2

Unique appearance design

The 40K cavitation probe is placed on the main device. There is a level indicator and intensity adjustment key on the device. It looks very professional.

ultrasonic cavitation machine JF245C 1 1

40KHz high-frequency vibration

The 40K high-frequency vibration will be efficient to dissolve the fat cells to achieve body slimming.

Machine Structure

ultrasonic cavitation machine JF245C 5

Machine Parameter

Model number JF245C
Power 60W
Output energy 35-60J/cm2
Cavitation frequency 40KHz
Packing size 28*28*13cm
Gross weight 4kg

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