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G5 High-frequency Vibration Body Massage Slimming Machine


  • 5 massage heads in different shapes

  • Body massage & body slimming

  • Meridian dredging

  • Blood activating

How it works

The mechanical vibrations helps to promote the body’s lymphatic system, which is in charge of expelling waste and toxins, by stimulating it. It works well for cellulite reduction and muscular relaxation. It can work on various body sections. Meanwhile, this G5 vibration slimming machine has 5 massage heads with various shapes, allowing for a more targeted and comfortable body massage and slimming therapy.

JF689E G5 principle


  • Body massage& slimming

  • Cellulite elimination

  • Relax muscles& Relive fatigue

  • Lymphatic detoxification

  • Reduce edema

  • Promote metabolism& blood circulation

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JF823 fat freezing13

Main Features

JF689E G5 vibration 1

Columna Massage Head

It acts as  ” massagist fingers”. The vibration from the sharp points can effectively soften the hard fat and relieve pain.

JF689E G5 vibration 2

Semisphere Massage Head

This head is used on areas with large muscles, like the back area. It can remove muscle fatigue, makes the joints more flexible, and consume fat.

JF689E G5 vibration 3

Dots Massage Head

It provides a deeper massage experience. This head is perfect for targeting stubborn areas of cellulite and promoting lymphatic drainage

JF689E G5 vibration 5

Sponge Massage Head

It’s especially useful for individuals arwho e new to using a vibration massager. A relaxing massage without any discomfort or irritation is provided with this head.



JF689E G5 vibration 4

Bow-shaped Massage Head

It’s designed to target hard-to-reach areas like the shoulders and neck. Its curved shape allows for a comfortable massage experience and helps to relieve tension in these areas

Machine Structure

JF689E G5 vibration 15

Machine Parameter

Model number JF689E
Technology Vibration
Massage head 5PCS
Type Vertical
Voltage AC110V/220V 50/60HZ
Color White
Package size 80*44*31cm
Package weight 15kg

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