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EMS Cooling Fat Freezing Body Slimming Machine with 8 Cryo Pads


  • -10℃ cooling temperature

  • 8 EMS cryo pads

  • 2 technologies: EMS+fat freezing

  • Noninvasive and effective

How it works

EMS: Boost metabolism and detoxification, speed up ATP production, stimulate biological electric current, and dredge meridians to aid in fat removal.
Cryo fat freezing: It uses a special non-invasive technique that uses controlled localised cooling to reduce fat cells selectively. The process of “apoptosis” is triggered in fat cells during this fat-freezing crystallisation phase. application provides excellent, oedema-free cooling therapy.

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  • Reduce cellulite

  • Body contouring

  • Abdominal fat reduction

  • Firm and tone the arms

  • Thin back

  • Shape and lift the buttocks

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Main Features

JF848B EMS cryo slim 5

8 EMS Cryo Pads

8 EMS cryo pads can work simultaneously. And they apply the technology of EMS and cooling therapy together to ensure a better body-sculpting effect.

JF848B EMS cryo slim 7

8-inch User-friendly Touch Screen

It allows users to easily customize treatment parameters, monitor progress, and ensure a personalized and tailored body-sculpting session.

Machine Structure

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Machine Parameter

Model number JF848B
Technology EMS+ Cooling therapy
Pad quantity 8PCS
Display 8-inch touch screen
EMS frequency 2~100Hz
EMS pulse width 200us
Power 400W
Color White/Black
Voltage AC110V/220V  50-60Hz
Package size 67*57*46cm

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