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  • LB558 midroneedle RF2
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  • LB558 midroneedle RF4

3 in 1 Monopole RF Microneedle RF Beauty Machine


  • Gold plated needles

  • 4 needle cartridges (10 pins, 25 pins, 64 pins, nano)

  • Microneedle RF + Cold Hammer+ Acne removal pen

How it works

1. Gold Microneedle+RF: Applying very tiny needles on the skin to generate tiny wounds, microneedles and RF work together to activate the skin’s natural mending process. The heat produced by RF can tighten skin, clear acne, and lessen wrinkles by promoting blood flow and accelerating collagen regeneration.
2. Cold Hammer: Using the physiological cooling principle of 1°C to 5°C, the cold hammer releases ice power, constricting pores and narrowing blood vessels. Additionally, it makes collagen fibers stronger, which firms and elasticizes skin.
3. Monopole RF: During treatment, the skin is shielded from burning and scarring by an insulating substance on the needle’s surface. The RF energy is directed at the sebaceous glands that create oil, which is a significant cause of acne after the needles penetrate the skin’s surface. Thus it is effective for acne removal.

LB558 midroneedle RF6


  • Acne removal

  • Syringoma treatment

  • Scar area repair

  • Wrinkle& blackhead removal

  • Reduce swelling and redness

  • Face lifting& tightening

  • Pore shrinking

RF machine before and after 1
7 color LED PDT machine LB357 6

Main Features

LB558 midroneedle RF10

Gold Microneedle RF Handle

Open up pores to promote nutrient absorption. Lift, tighten and brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, remove acne, scars and stretch marks.

LB558 midroneedle RF11

Cold Hammer

Shrink pores, reduce swelling and redness, calm and repair damaged skin.

LB558 midroneedle RF12

Acne Removal Pen

Deliver RF energy to destroy the sebaceous glands, reduce oil production, and kill bacteria that cause acne.

Machine Structure

LB558 midroneedle RF15

LB558 midroneedle RF16

Machine Parameter

Model number LB558
Technique Microneedle RF+ Monopole RF (acne treatment) + Clod hammer
Handle quantity 3pcs
Negative plate 1pcs
Operating head 4pcs (10p, 25p, 64p, nano)
Display Touch screen
RF frequency 2-4M
Power AC110V-220V/50~60HZ
Package size 66*46*116cm
Package weight 40.5kg

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