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7 in 1 Oxygen Bio Skin Lifting Microdermabrasion Machine


  • Multifunctional facial machine

  • 7 in 1 technology

  • Portable type

  • Moisturize skin deeply

  • Facial care + Eye care

How it works

This microdermabrasion machine by the Germany is the latest transdermal technology developed by using micro-electrical pulse, the radio frequency, ultra-low temperature, and by mechanical therapy, pressure therapy, hyperthermia, magnetic four physical therapy. Waking up the eye cells completely, pigmentation, dry skin, a variety of bags under the eyes, swelling and dark circles, but also beauty and shape your charming face.

Facial Cleaning microdermabrasion Beauty machine LB039K 1


  • Improve the eye conditions

  • To enhance and tighten skin

  • Shape facial contours

  • Whitening skin

  • Wrinkle removing

  • Remove neck lines

  • Tightening chine

  • Ultrasonic deep cleaning

microdermabrasion machine before and after 2
microdermabrasion machine before and after 1

Main Features

LB168 Microdermabrasion 5


You will receive 6 handles and 2 micro current conductive bar except for the main host.
1.Galvanic Eye Probe
2.Electroporation Probe
3.Facial RF Probe
4.Microdermabrasion head
5.Oxygen Spray gun
6.Cooling Freeze Probe

7 in 1 microdermabrasion machine LB168 9

Microdermabrasion head

Automatic vacuum suction and release with 3 identical operating handles made of stainless steel and 6 operating tips of different sizes and shapes for removing blackheads, wrinkles,acne, scars, etc. on different facial and body parts.

LB168 Microdermabrasion 2

Facial care

Before using microdermabrasion head, you should clean the heads with 75% alcohol. This handle can clean the skin by removing dead skin, blackheads for your customers. You can choose different heads according to your customers’ needs.

LB168 Microdermabrasion 3

Oxygen Spray gun

The spray gun can be used with diluted essence, which helps your customers to increase cellular oxygen and activates the skin to achieve the anti-aging effect. Also, it can reduce wrinkles, whiten and brighten skin.

LB168 Microdermabrasion 9


The Radio frequency is used for lifting the face, tightening skin and eye area, and removing wrinkles. When using this handle, the gel or essence should be applied on the treatment area, and the operation method is recommended to follow a lifting or circular motions.

LB168 Microdermabrasion 8

Electroporation Probe

It can cleanse, remove acne, moisturize, whiten, moisturize, anti-wrinkle, tighten and repair, etc. It also has a very good cleaning effect on some cuticles and blackheads. Persistent use can make the skin more refreshing and delicate, and shrink The role of pores. Also, the customer need to hold a conductive bar on one hand, so the therapy will start.

LB168 Microdermabrasion 7

Eye care

Microcurrent can perform facial stimulation by sending gentle electric waves through the skin and tissue to the subcutaneous tissue of the facial muscles. When using the galvanic eye probe, the customer should hold a conductive bar on one hand.


The galvanic eye probe is to:

  • Remove fine lines
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Tighten skin

LB168 Microdermabrasion 1

Cooling Therapy

This probe helps your customers to:

  • Tighten the face
  • Calm and release the skin
  • Remove the red spots


The cooling therapy is operating with:

  • Gel
  • Moisturize facial mask

Machine Structure

LB168 structure

Machine Parameter

Model Number LB168
Voltage 110-220V
Power 150W
RF Frequency 5MHZ
Electric Frequency 3MHZ
Cooling Head Temperature 10°C ~ 20°C
Vacuum Pump 100PA
Package size 36*36*27cm
Gross weight 7.0kg
Warranty 1 year

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