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9 in 1 80k Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine


  • 9 operation handles with different technologies

  • 80k cavitation probe

  • 3 vacuum RF handles

  • Large touch screen

  • Face lifting, body slimming and weight loss

How it works

The 9 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation machine provides 80k cavitation probe that gathers strong sound waves and enters the treatment area. It makes a strong impact and friction between fat cells, which can effectively consume heat and water of cells. What is more, the sonic vibration can cause the strong impact between the cells to cause rupture, thereby reducing the fat cells to achieve the effect of removing fat.

JF765 ultrasound cavitation principle


  • Skin tightening

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Fat removal

  • Lymphatic detoxification

  • Enhance skin elasticity

  • Improve orange peel tissue

  • Anti aging

cryo slimming before and after 2
cryo slimming before and after 1

Main Features

JF765 80K cavitation slim1

3 Vacuum RF Handles


Large Vacuum RF Handle

It can be used for firming the skin, cupping, dredging the meridians, etc.


Medium Vacuum RF Handle

It can be used for shaping and firming, scraping and cupping.


Small Vacuum RF Handle

It can be used on the face and neck, for tightening and lifting, and remove wrinkles.

JF765 80K cavitation slim2

3 RF Handles


Large RF Handle

Firms the skin and restores skin elasticity, reshapes the contours for tightening and lifting of the body.


Medium RF Handle

Skin lifting and wrinkle removal for the body part. Reshapes the body contours.


Small RF Handle

Improves and eliminates wrinkles such as canthus and nasolabial folds. Firms the skin including the eyes, cheeks, forehead, neck.

JF765 80K cavitation slim3

BIO Brush

Far infrared physiotherapy, bioelectric dredging. You can do shoulder and neck dredging to lose weight, warm the nest and protect the palace, etc.

JF765 80K cavitation slim4

Magnetic Vibration Handle

It can heat and maintain a constant temperature with high-frequency vibration. Its role is to disperse fat, relieve pain and stress, etc.

JF765 80K cavitation slim5

80k Cavitation Handle

It is used for weight loss, and stubborn fat reduction, such as fat in areas like  thighs, arms, abdomen waist and so on.

Machine Structure

JF765 cavitation slim

Machine Parameter

Model number JF765
Technology Cavitation + RF + Vacuum + Micro-current + Heat + Magnetic vibration
Handle quantity 9pcs
Cavitation frequency 80K
Voltage AC110-240V
Type Standing
Vacuum RF handles 3pcs (Small, Medium, Large)
RF probes 3pcs (Small, Medium, Large)
Package size 117*50 *52cm
GW 27.1KG

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