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Electric Hydra Microneedling Pen UM8 with NH3 Liquid Cartridge


  • NH3 adjustable liquid cartridge

  • Automatic liquid output with 5 liquid output levels

  • 3ML liquid capacity

  • 80% nutrition absorption rate

How it works

This electric hydra microneedling Pen UM8 uses the minimally invasive microneedling technique to make microscopic holes in the epidermis of the skin. The body produces collagen and elastin in response to these microscopic openings. The epidermis becomes thicker and more flexible, smoothing creases, firming, and renewing the skin as newly organised collagen and elastin form. More significantly, it has an NH3 Liquid Adjustable Cartridge that allows you to change the liquid flow to improve nutrient absorption.

SC1120 UM8 microneedle14


  • Improve nutrient absorption

  • Promote skin regeneration

  • Tighten& brighten skin

  • Remove wrinkles& fine lines

  • Shrink pores

  • Reduce acne

RF Machin LB056 1
7 color LED PDT machine LB357 6

Main Features

SC1120 UM8 microneedle12

Adjustable NH3 Liquid Cartridge

Automatic and adjuastable liquid output, compatible with any watery or viscous essence.

SC1120 UM8 microneedle11

5 Liquid Output Levels

Can adjust the amount of liquid, and make full use of every drop of essence.

SC1120 UM8 microneedle13

3 Adjustable Speed Levels

To  meet the needs of different persons.

Machine Structure

SC1120 Hydra Microneedling Pen UM8

Machine Parameter

Product Name Electric Hydra Microneedling Pen UM8 with NH3 Liquid Cartridge
Model Number SC1120
Technology Micro-needling
Charging Model Wireless (USB Type-C interface)
Speed Level 3 levels
Needle Cartridge NH3 Liquid Adjustable Cartridge
Liquid Output 5 levels
Standard Needle Cartridge NH3 Nano-R*4
Available Needle Cartridge 12pins (0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm), Nano-R, Nano-S
Product Material Aluminum alloy
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Package Size 12*19*4cm
Package Weight 0.336kg

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