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  • SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.1
  • SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.2
  • SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.3
  • SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.4
  • SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.5

Electric Microneedling Dr. pen M8S


  • LED screen digital display

  • Low battery warning

  • 3 locks design in the connection of cartridges

  • USB charging


  • Improve nutrient absorption

  • Brighten skin

  • Shrink pores

  • Reduce wrinkles& acne

  • Remove scars

RF Machin LB056 1
RF Machin LB056 5

Main Features

SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.4 2

Backflow prevention valve

To prevent the backflow of bodily fluids and serum into the device.

SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.2 1

USB charging

More convenient and easy to charge and operate

SC1076 Dr.pen M8S.5 1

6 speed levels

Adjustable according to different needs

Machine Structure

SC1076 Dr.pen M8S

Machine Parameter

Product name Electric Microneedling Dr. pen M8S
Model number SC1076
Technology Micro-needling
Charging model USB Type-C interface
Speed Level 6 speeds
Needle Adjustment Range 0-2.5mm
Handle Material Metal
Battery Capacity 380mAh
Available Cartridges 12pin, 24pin, 36pin, 42pin, Nano-S, Nano-R
Adapter US/EU/UK/AU/KR
G.W 16.9*12.3*5.6cm/ 1pc / 350g
1 carton 36*27*33 cm/ 20 pcs / 8kg

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