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  • microdermabrasion machine LB197 1

Portable Microdermabrasion Oxygen Sprayer Machine


  • Deep Cleaning

  • 2 in 1 microdermabrasion oxygen sprayer

How it works

The portable microdermabrasion machine works in two parts. Firstly, using nanocrystals to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin on the skin’s surface, and then vacuuming out the debris, which exposes the delicate, healthy skin underneath. It doesn’t require the use of chemicals and is non-invasive to rejuvenate the surface and brighten the complexion, and also has a quicker recovery time. This device includes 3 dermabrasion pens and 9 heads of different sizes and shapes.

Facial Cleaning microdermabrasion Beauty machine LB039K 1


  • Whiten skin and restore skin elasticity

  • Reduce pigment and whiten skin

  • Remove scars

  • Shrink pores and eliminate blackheads

microdermabrasion machine before and after 2
microdermabrasion machine before and after 1

Main Features

microdermabrasion machine LB197 1

Unique appearance design

The elegant appearance provides you with a professional feeling. It is the fashionable and latest design.

microdermabrasion machine LB197 2

3 dermabrasion pens and 9 probes are available

3 dermabrasion pens are provided to you and 9 different sizes of probes can be selected according to your customers.

microdermabrasion machine LB197 3

Dermabrasion pen

The high-quality dermabrasion pens are used to remove scars, reduce pigment, shrink pores, eliminate blackheads and whiten skin.

Machine Parameter

Model Number LB197
Voltage Input 100-240V 0.8A 50/60HZ
Power 12V=4.0A
Probe 9pcs
Package size 33.5*26*10.5cm
Gross weight 3kg
Warranty 1 year

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